Friday, March 25, 2011


I have this friend. Her name is Breezie. She. Is. Awesome. To start this post, let me just tell you a little bit about this friend of mine.
We grew up together
we pretty much lived in the same house at one point
our parents were besties
so were we
our dadies were coaches of the high school varsity boys basketball team
so we would travel with the team everywhere
we had crushes on the same high school basketball players
we were best friends with the stats girls every single year
we both were extremely afraid of mike nish
our older brothers were best friends too
They thought they were legit cougars... that's another story for another post.
we both got hula hoops for easter
we both had a best friend named angie, she is awesome too!
on friday nights, we would go to the basketball games, run around wild, listen to the high school kids talk about their dramatic lives, do gymnastics up on the mezzanine, watch our idols perform lovely halftime routines-our idols being the dance team, then we would go collect their star stickers and put them by our eyes, then we'd be on the court after the game. 
We'd plot to have a sleepover. 
Somehow, we always got what we wanted.
We'd find our parents, bat our cute little eyes and say can we have a sleep over please and thank you with a cherry on top? they'd ask where? We'd alternate houses each weekend. Then they'd say yes. It was awesome! 
We'd watch the parent trap every single time. Then in the morning, we'd wake up, eat some cinnamon toast, you know.. the kind with the brown sugar and cinnamon, and we'd pretty much have a contest to see who could get their mound of sugar higher. It would get all in our teeth. Nasty! and then we'd go make up dances to the parent trap soundtrack that we both had. We loved our lives. They were fabulous. We were pretty much sisters. Not just sisters, twins. 
We grew up some, drifted a little bit as she went to junior high and I stayed in elementary school. Then we rekindled our friendship when we ended up in the same dance classes. 
We were the senior dancers. 
We were awesome. 
We love to dance. 
She struggled with choosing between dance and basketball. Basketball was never an option for me because I was always awful at it unfortunately.. anyway.
 We danced and danced and danced and then eventually cheered and cheered and cheered some more. I LOVED cheering and dancing with Breezie. 
We also were in the same ward. YW was not the same without her after she got old and went to relief society. I missed her. 
Oh brother. 
Lets not forget about New York shall we?
Central Park
Bobs, dogs, and nuts
All you need is a handful and your husband will be happy ;)
That AWFUL headband.
Rooming with my mother :)
Amazing Grace
Time Square
Our numerous pictures
when my mom took wayyyyy too many pills
Hodi, Hord, and Leeeeooonnn
the statue of liberty
the empire state building
this is number 18 signing off
that stupid broadway class we were retarded to take
when you chomped on your gum in your sleep
When I taught a dance class in my sleep
remember how neither you or my mom wanted to sleep with me?
remember how I texted landon the entire time we were there? Weird...
Lets chat about the pants. Our little group. I mentioned lots of stuff in my last post that included Breezie.
the sisterhood. I have a confession. I have the pants back at my home. I will mail them next time I see them. Lets get that up and going shall we?
Fay Ray :)
the sidewalk paint. oh that is a cherished memory!
YW camp, Bishop coming up to us and saying, I know what you did on your roof... DON'T TELL MY MOM! hahahah
your poor knee. :( it broke my heart that you couldn't dance anymore, but I am oh so incredibly happy that you get to dance again next semester!

Anyway. As you can see, Breezie and I are besties. Forever and always. I was in her line at her wedding, and she will most definitely be in mine in 10 years ;)

 Now that you've heard a little bit, ok. A lot bit, about how Breezie and I grew to be such GREAT friends. Let me tell you about how she inspired me tonight!
 We have always dreamed about both marrying Cardston boys (which she has done! Go breezie!), or someone that will willingly live there with us so we can be next door neighbors with a white picket fence and have little dancing girls and little basketball star boys that are best friends like we were. 
Breezie and I skyped tonight and it was awesome :)


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  2. What do I think? I think I am proud of you and your awesome ambitions! I love that you have goals and passions and the BEST part is that you WILL live in Cardston! haha