Friday, April 22, 2011

27 months people

ohhhh man. so there is this boy. he's kinda cool i guess. we met last summer. i was kinda rude. i was wearing my XXL Big Scoop shirt when i met him. lookin real fine might i add. he liked me. love at first sight ya know? i don't know how he could have resisted me when i looked so good. there was really no hope for him in this situation ;) kidding. he thought i was crazy... which makes sense. after a day full of ice cream i can definitely get a little bit crazy. you know me.. ok. so then i met him again, only this time was down at BYU in the summer. I was down there for my cousin's wedding and I went to play with ma bestie tessa may and she was friends with him because he stalked her on facebook. He's kinda creepy like that... anywayyyy. then he made me ask him to dance with him. thats a different story though. i didn't really think anything of it at the time. but now when i think about it, its cute ha. then i skyped tessa all the time as besties do right? and this kid decided to rain on our parade and join in these lil skype dates we had goin on. soon enough they become just skype dates between this boy and myself. no more tessa haha we'd skype a lot. which i would have thought was weird if anyone else was skyping someone they'd only met like twice but when it was me and him it seemed normal. i don't know how to explain it. anyway so i pretty much basically made his life by getting accepted to byu ;) kidding. well lets just say the both of us were pretty excited about it. then i came to byu. we were goooood friends for a bit. he tried really hard to get me to like him. it was cute. but being the good actress that i am, he had no idea what was actually going on in this head of mine. he asked me out on dates all the time. i hate dates. so i said no. then one time i realized that i was only gonna have 15 days left with him.. so i decided to hang out with him as much as possible. there was some major smotherage on my part. and for that i sincerely apologize, you. (As i'm writing this, i'm skyping him. he's been driving all day, the poor little soul. He's dozing off. pretty much asleep right now. so precious. i'm such a creep watching him sleep like this) anyway, i finally agree to go on a date. it went well. i had fun! it ended really really well if you know what i'm sayin... ;) we spent every day together for a week and a half. he left last night. it was tough to say goodbye.. very very tough. he's perfect for me i think. he's pigeon toed, he has webbed toes, hes got brown hair and brown eyes, he's 6'0ish?, he's athletic, he's a terrible dancer ;), his favorite color is red, he wants to live in cardston, he is a GENIUS, he is a good teacher, he can play the piano like nobody's business, he is a really really good kisser, he is slightly hilarious, he has good taste in some music haha, he has an awesome family whom i have yet to meet in person... skyping them is just great though, he gave me swollen lips one time, he will be a great father and husband to a really lucky family one day, he takes care of me, he wants me to be happy, he is gonna be one heck of a missionary, he's a worthy priesthood holder and although he's never actually born his testimony to me i know he's got a firm testimony of the gospel, he's just a good person all around, and to top it all off he's got the cutest lil accent that i absolutely love. He's just awesome and i like him a lot! he met my family last night. they like him. he likes them. my sisters loved him haha it was so fun for me to see them all together. i'll see him again in 27 months. oh gosh i cannot wait :)