Monday, April 11, 2011


so there is 10 days left.. 
10 days until I see my family. 
10 days until I am officially done with tests :)
10 days left until I have to say goodbye to all my new friends...
I have obviously LOVED my first semester at BYU. Absolutely LOVED IT! It has been everything I hoped it would be and more. However, I have this problem of being homesick an awful lot. I just love my family so so so incredibly much and it just tears my heart and soul into pieces being so far away from them for so long. Sometimes I just need to have a hug from my Dad and to be able to have my Mom play with my hair while I cry to her about how hard and complicated my life is. I miss my little sisters so so much. We just started getting close before I left. Don't get me wrong, we have always been close, but we were starting to get to that phase where you are more like friends you know? That stage when you don't fight as much, there is still and always will be the cat fights with the pulling hair and scratching and such, but I just started to get along with my sisters and actually hang out with them on a daily basis. It was great! I was loving it. Oh and lets not forget my brother. The day he came home was the best day of my life, hands down. And to just spend 3 weeks with him and then have him ripped away from me again? Gall! Just let me be friends with him for once please! Anyway, I think that what I'm getting at here is that I just love my family. More than anything else on this earth. 
Being away from them and living on my own has taught me so much. I have had too many good experiences to count! I have met so many incredible people that I am going to miss so so so much! Lets just name a couple people and a few things shall we?

Cougarettes.Mattie Berguson.Peanut Butter Slappage.
Swollen Lips.Church Talks.10 page papers.Mark Olsen.
Tessa May Merrill :).Contemporary class.Anna Schiess.
Heidi Jorgenson.seeing naked people in the locker room alllllll the time.
beds that make your bum go numb.peach penguins.
jimmer freakin fredette.
140 girls-Arielle Harrison,Kate Fruehan,Nicole Terry,Allie Jenkins,Kayla Gleed.
Cupcakes galore.Letters from missionaries.
Dancensemble.Suzi Wood.Canada.FHE.sandlot.sandlot2.
the towel getting caught in the door.canadian fingers and allie's car.8:30 church.tanning.ripped jeans.big muscles.aaron smith's videos.
getting locked out.cody nore.the creamery.mirror messages.
pearl earrings.chris hall.scotty pippin briggs.
awesome and not so awesome dance parties every weekend.
taylor swift and mourning over our boy problems.
best two years.spaghetti squash.flooded toilets with no one else home.
dawn in the dishwasher.narnia :S.crunches.michael vail.
jordan cambron aka cherry jorgle.sweats/lulus EVERYDAY.
lookin so dang fine all the time.american heritage.
flash mobs.yodling.eric only black friend.
christina craven.doug's bootie shaking.ryan quinton.sour soothers.
canadian chocolate.valentines day dinner.skyping.facebooking.
phonecalls.creepy pianists in bands.pirouettes in the kitchen.
our disgusting music.talkin dance over skype with my mom.
developes above 90 degrees.halftime performances.bmoney.facewash doin squat.
justin bieber board games.crappy cellulars.boyology.
discussing marcia lynn mcclure novels with season.march madness.staying up wayyyyy too late.festival of colors.stalking people.classic drive by.
jumping behind the cosmo van.kyle collinsworth.drives with kate.
sewing hair flowers.friendship bracelet obsessions.parker hollingsworth.
just to name a few
but I can't wait to come home :)


  1. Great post Chan....nice order ;) See ya in 7 baby doll! <3

  2. i like byu. i like this. i like you.