Saturday, June 4, 2011

one year

Today is Cardston High School graduation sooooo congrats to all the lil graduates. That's right. You are LITTLE! It hit me today that for the rest of my life, the kids that are graduating are always going to seem little to me now. Crazy to think about because it has never been this way before. I was always looking up to the older generations thinking, "Oh my gosh those kids are so cool and old!" Now they just seem like these little babies that I have watched grow up! Its just so weird for me. 
I miss high school. It was my prime time, ya know? I just loved every single little thing about it. Everything. But contrary to popular belief... I have moved on. Ya it was probably one of the funnest times of my life but guess what? There is still more fun to come! And more fun has already come. 
This last year has consisted of all of this and more:
Taught 9 dance classes :)
Got accepted to BYU
Had a brother come home from his mission
Helped out with a wedding
Had two best friends get married
Was in my best friend's wedding line up
Auditioned for cougarettes
Made 5 life long girl friends
Was on the BYU tap company
Went on a Mexican Riviera cruise
passed american heritage... not an easy task. especially for a Canadian
lived on my own
Went on a total of two dates was it?
Got swollen lips
Saw Jimmer Fredette in the flesh
Gots me a pictcha with Jackson Emery
Danced in the dance recital
Cooked for myself for 4 months.. and if you know me, this is no small feat. 
Met a boy that I am caarrraaaazzzyyy about.. :)
got a job for the summer
bought my own computer!
said goodbye to numerous missionaries who are doing AWESOME! 
experienced being broke while living on your own.
got into debt
got out of debt. woot woot!
auditioned for dancensemble
grew up a little bit. but not that much
taught a primary class
got married. wait what? noooo thank you. I did survive my first semester at byu without getting engaged though. I think that's an accomplishment.
ok. now its parker's birthday where he is and imma go skype him. so I'm done thinkin of things that have happened in this last year because I'm sure there is paaalenty more that have left my brain right now. 
Love you long time :)

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  1. chan you are amazing. I miss you so much and reading your blog makes me miss you even more! I'm glad we were room mates. It was what i consider as a very very very special time in my life getting to know someone like you. i hope you can go outside more often and sweat hahaha. It's getting really nice here....hope you can come soon!