Saturday, August 20, 2011

here you be

the lake post that I know you have allllll been waiting for. haha its pretty much gonna be all pictures. maybe a couple of stories about how much I love people too. I'm probably more excited about writing this post and reliving these experiences through writing it and sharing pictures than you are about reading it, so thank you for letting me do that through my blog. I guess you really don't have a say in the matter, you don't have to read it if you don't want to so I don't know why I'm thanking you... whoever 'you' are. Ok now that I've got off to such an awkward start, I'll stop blabbin and give some pictchaass.
We obviously got off to a lovely start

caley fell in three times, matlin and I laughed each time
don't mind the nasttty on the left

Just a little interruption in the pictures to tell you how much I love some boys. Taran Quinton, Austin Leavitt, Ethan Webster, Morgan Merrill, and Clayton Leavitt.
Taran. You are awesome. You just make me laugh so much! I'm so very glad we are friends :)
Austin. I haven't ever really been friends with you before. Like we've probably hung out once or twice in a group, but sittin with you while people were surfing and such was really fun. I got a glimpse of how awesome you are! You made me feel like I wasn't so terrible at all the water sports that I so desperately want to be good at but am too chicken to try.
Morgan. You just make me laugh all the time too. Thank you for that minute long hug when I was leaving. You made me feel loved haha I wish I had your hair cuz it is hecka cool!
Clayton. Oh boy! Where to start! You just crack me up all the time too! I thought it was cool that you noticed that I was kinda upset. You are hilarious and I just can't wait for you to date my sister :) haha Thanks for making me smile alllllll the time!
Ethan. I saved you for last! You are awesome Ethan! Not only did you include me at the lake, you are always such a good friend! Thanks for being my friend this summer, not to mention all year, but especially this summer, when I didn't have any friends. You are such a cool kid and I am just so pleased that I can call you one of my very best friends!
Thanks for including me at the lake boys! haha sorry bout the sap and cheesiness.. I'm a girl. Whattaya expect?! But seriously, all of these boys went out of their way to make me feel included and they made my lake experience extra awesome. I'm so happy they were there! It was such a fun time and I can't wait til I can go back and hang out with them again :)

I back dive off of my left foot haha
My sad 4th attempt at a back flip.
I'll have you know that my first two backflips were a success. Right Mom and Ethan? I know you two were watching! haha The 3rd attempt... lets just say I psyched myself out a lil bit and landed on my tush. This here video is my 4th and final attempt. Final because, I'm awesome and did this cool thing where I landed on my face! Result: some laughs, an awesome video, and a head ache. Glad I could provide some entertainment. 


  1. I saw "the help" in one of those pictures. i loved that book.

  2. this was long overdue, but worth the wait. I didn't make the cut though......jokes haha

  3. P.S. Man your camera takes GREAT pictures. I am gonna miss it ;)