Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance Major

I have decided that I am going to audition for the dance major here at BYU. I figure, why not? I've got nothing to lose. I can only learn from it, right? It can be nothing but good for me! 

I'm determined to make it a positive experience for myself.

The auditions go something like this..

We do a ballet section. (easy peasy lemon squeezy!) ha! jokes. ballet is anything but easy but I think that by the time auditions come around, I'll be a lot better at ballet than I am right now.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Have you ever listened to a song and a rush of memories just flood your mind?

This happens to me alllllll the time. 

Last November, my cousin Jon made me a CD of church songs.

That's all he listened to, you see. 

For probably a year before his mission, if not longer, he only listened to church music. He always told me that there was so much garbage out there in music these days and that he just felt better when he was listening to uplifting, wholesome music. What an example eh?

He had numerous CD's of just church music and whenever we went anywhere together we were listening to talks and hymns and efy songs. It just made ya feel good ya know? He used to get so excited about the new song's he'd find and he'd ask me to come sit in his car after basketball/cheer practice or school so I could hear them and it was so fun to see the excitement on his face when he'd show me. He had so many of the talks and songs memorized too! I'm sure that's helped him on his mission. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm in BYU's World of Dance. If you are anywhere in the Provo area September 16-19 I would LOVE to see you there! Its gonna be AWESOME! I get to do this incredible disco tap number called Shufflin to the music while wearing the most HIDEOUS costume. Its great. It also features Contemporary Dance Theater and they do a wicked cool routine with a trampoline that you will not want to miss, Ballroom Dance Company, International Folk Dance Ensemble, and Theater Ballet. Seriously, you don't want to miss this. There are incredible dancers and the most amazing routines! so come come come! haha Tickets are between $8-$15 and it starts at 7:30 Wednesday through Friday and a Saturday matinee at 2:00 in the De Jong Theater on campus. You will LOVE IT!!
Errryday I'm shufflin

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ma name

My name is Chelan.
Some pronounce is CH-el-an.
Some Shaylin.
Some shalain.
Some shalawn.
I think that growing up in a small town where everyone knows your name is great. Especially if you have a somewhat tricky name like mine. I don't see how its tricky, personally, but I've been getting it my whole life. Can I just complain for a second and say that I am sick of people getting it wrong. I don't like saying it over and over and over and trying to think of different ways for people to remember it.. I have now learned to answer to any of the pronunciations above. I'll go by any of them. I prefer it if you get it right, I might even get a big smile on my face and do a lil fist pump just because it is such a rarity.

Someone asked me today where my name comes from. They thought it was such a cool story so I'll share it with ya. I'm sorry if you've already heard the story. Well you see.. My momizzle was pregnant with me when she went on vacation with my dad and brother to Washington. They went to a lake. Lake Chelan. My mom thought that Chelan would be a pretty name for a girl. I have to say I agree haha I love my name. I like having a unique name even if it is hard for people to say and remember. It also kinda matches my moms name. Hers is Cheryl Ann. Say those two really fast and it kinda sounds like Chelan.
 There you have it. That's all for today folks. Have a LOVELY Wednesday peeps :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This is GREAT!

My roomies are GREAT!
My apartment is GREAT!
My life is just GREAT right now :) I'm so blessed!
Last night for dinner, the incredible Lexi Lyon made indian food! I've never had it before so I was a lil bit nervous.. but it was delish. mm so good. My roomates are incredible girls and I seriously lucked out like crazy. gosh. I just can't get over how awesome this turned out. After our fabulous indian dinner, we played a game with the grapes. it went a little like this...

Friday, September 2, 2011

long time no see

Its been a while eh? well it seems like it has been for me! I just tried writing this post on the new blogger interface thinger and when I went to preview it, I lost it. Stupid. anyway, this is just an update on my life..

I'm back at BYU and LOVING IT!

My classes are great!

I'm doing ballet once again.

My ballet teacher scares me. She's so old her head shakes. She told me I have beautiful feet today :)

I love my intro to dance class. I love all things dance. Talking about dance and debating whether something is or isn't dance is really fun for me.

There are too many returned missionaries around these parts.. it freaks me out.

I saw Jimmer yesterday. He's in the NBA.. coolness!

Abouo stared me down the other day in the hallway at the RB.

My jazz class is too early, but I like it anyway.

I can tell I've already improved in ballet!

I sweat like a freaking pig out here. Its so hot all the time and dancing in this heat doesn't help much.

I've never tapped so much in my whole life. not to mention so fast!

My body hates me, soooo sore.