Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dance Major

I have decided that I am going to audition for the dance major here at BYU. I figure, why not? I've got nothing to lose. I can only learn from it, right? It can be nothing but good for me! 

I'm determined to make it a positive experience for myself.

The auditions go something like this..

We do a ballet section. (easy peasy lemon squeezy!) ha! jokes. ballet is anything but easy but I think that by the time auditions come around, I'll be a lot better at ballet than I am right now.

There is a contemporary section. I'm not currently taking a contemporary class but I think I'll be able to hold my own alright in that section.

There is a folk section.. that should be interesting. I've talked to a couple other dance majors and they have said that the past couple years, the have taught gypsy?? I didn't even know they did that here at BYU but apparently they do. These dance majors have assured me that the gypsy part will be a piece of cake. I sure hope I agree with it when it comes.

There is a ballroom section. oooohhhh gosh. That could be interesting. The only experience I've had with ballroom is when I went to the Triple Threat Dance Convention in Calgary and was taught the Rumba or something.. I hope I can catch on to this one as well.

After you have learned and done all of these sections, you get to choose which one you think you are best at and then perform that one more time.

Next comes the one minute long solos. I figure that since tap is my favorite and there won't be too many tappers (I'm assuming) this could be to my advantage... I am most comfortable when I'm tapping too and in a high stress situation like this, I think that'll be the best case scenario. I hope so anyway..

So, concerning my solo.. I need opinions on songs. I'll have you know that I've got my lovely momma to help me over skype if I need it, which I most definitely will haha and I've also got an incredible tapper friend from Tap Company that says he will help me. Bless his soul. He is seriously one of the most talented tappers I have ever seen. Apparently he is like 2nd in the nation or something? And he's also one of the most humble people I've ever met as well. He said if I pick the song, he'll help me out. I cannot begin to thank him enough.

If you have any suggestions for songs you think I should tap to, it would be GREATLY appreciated!



  1. I'm no dancer. But I vote you do "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend"!

  2. good luck Chelan! Sounds like your liven' the dream down there :)

  3. GO CHELANN!!!! You cant totally do it!!!!

  4. Good luck chan! I am so proud of you for going for it! I can't imaging a chelan who doesn't dance!!