Friday, September 2, 2011

long time no see

Its been a while eh? well it seems like it has been for me! I just tried writing this post on the new blogger interface thinger and when I went to preview it, I lost it. Stupid. anyway, this is just an update on my life..

I'm back at BYU and LOVING IT!

My classes are great!

I'm doing ballet once again.

My ballet teacher scares me. She's so old her head shakes. She told me I have beautiful feet today :)

I love my intro to dance class. I love all things dance. Talking about dance and debating whether something is or isn't dance is really fun for me.

There are too many returned missionaries around these parts.. it freaks me out.

I saw Jimmer yesterday. He's in the NBA.. coolness!

Abouo stared me down the other day in the hallway at the RB.

My jazz class is too early, but I like it anyway.

I can tell I've already improved in ballet!

I sweat like a freaking pig out here. Its so hot all the time and dancing in this heat doesn't help much.

I've never tapped so much in my whole life. not to mention so fast!

My body hates me, soooo sore.

I despise hills. I avoid hills and go the long way around to get to my classes.

I get to hang with a bunch of Canadians tonight.

I am allll caught up on my homework.. well almost. I've got reading due for wednesday but I think I'll start that after this and an episode of criminal minds. Yes please.

There is a football game tomorrow.

I get to perform in World of Dance with the BYU Tap Company. Come watch! Don't judge me for having to wear the hideous costume and blue eyelashes longer than the hair on my head.

I lucked out with roomies. Tessa Mayface was a given awesome roomate to have! Lexi Lyon is going to be famous one day. and Candace Dixon laughs at everything I do. I think she thinks I'm nuts... which isn't entirely false.

Boys just randomly show up to our apartment to introduce themselves. When this happens, I hide in my room and make Lexi answer the door.

I've lost three pounds since being here.

Jamba Juice saved me from overheating after ballet today. I worked really really hard and decided to give myself a lil treat before Writing 150.

At the moment, my muscles are so tight that I can't sit up straight with my legs straight out in front of me.

I'm friends with a Cougarette :)

I'm eating somewhat healthy.

I have Nanizzle's cooking any time I please.

I still get letters from Parker even though they are sent to my Canadian address. Thank you Momizzle!

My room is the cutest thing I ever did see!

I'll get to see my family twice this semester instead of once like last semester haha this is a BIG deal for me!

I've got peach penguins on their way to me. and some are on their way to Guatemala too actually.

I'm kinda friends with the people on Tap Company this year instead of just standing there shy in the corner.

I'm stocked up on energy drinks and diet pepsi.

My feet are blistered all over. Top, bottom, back, sides. You name it.

I've gotten compliments on my nail polish 4 times!

Its a long weekend. I may just be spending monday at a little place called LAGOON! Rock On!

Needless to say, I've got a pretty good life here. I think I'll stay a while.
Have a GREAT long weekend peeps!


  1. your life sounds WONDERFUL! Cute post! and...........your momizzle mises you!

  2. I stalked those pictures of your room. Cuuuuuute. When I move out I'm hiring you as my decorator. Deal?

  3. ooo I love everything about this!!!!