Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ma name

My name is Chelan.
Some pronounce is CH-el-an.
Some Shaylin.
Some shalain.
Some shalawn.
I think that growing up in a small town where everyone knows your name is great. Especially if you have a somewhat tricky name like mine. I don't see how its tricky, personally, but I've been getting it my whole life. Can I just complain for a second and say that I am sick of people getting it wrong. I don't like saying it over and over and over and trying to think of different ways for people to remember it.. I have now learned to answer to any of the pronunciations above. I'll go by any of them. I prefer it if you get it right, I might even get a big smile on my face and do a lil fist pump just because it is such a rarity.

Someone asked me today where my name comes from. They thought it was such a cool story so I'll share it with ya. I'm sorry if you've already heard the story. Well you see.. My momizzle was pregnant with me when she went on vacation with my dad and brother to Washington. They went to a lake. Lake Chelan. My mom thought that Chelan would be a pretty name for a girl. I have to say I agree haha I love my name. I like having a unique name even if it is hard for people to say and remember. It also kinda matches my moms name. Hers is Cheryl Ann. Say those two really fast and it kinda sounds like Chelan.
 There you have it. That's all for today folks. Have a LOVELY Wednesday peeps :)


  1. It is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl......stupid people ;) hahaha

  2. People have so much trouble with my name too. Jannica... Jenna.. I mean how hard can it be.. Jennica! But I love your name Chelan! Yay for unique names!

    PS. you are so cute! and i love reading your blog!

  3. its awful isn't it jennica?! and thank you! I love your blog too!!