Friday, October 7, 2011

For the mother :)

Momizzle. I love you and that is why this post exists :) haha that and because you are my BESTEST FRIEND and I love that I can share these sorts of things with you and that you are just as excited about them as I am haha I LOVE YOU!
awkward, but it had to be done ha

A couple pictures of nana's cookies that I made allllllll on my own and I didn't burn any cookies or people! rock on! momma you taught me well!
mmmmmmmmm my mouth waters just thinking about Nanizzle's cookies!

Now. prepare yourself for the best thing ever momizzle! haha its seriously the greatest!
don't mind my hideous face. ha I was just REALLY REALLY EXCITED!
I did a lil happy dance and jumped around the room for a bit when I pulled that outta the letter. That boy just knows me so well and this just made my entire week. oh gosh. after a not so great day, this put the biggest smile on my face! So excited!!

and not one bracelet, but two!! 
I love that boy. 


  1. Ok well this IS a blogpost made for your momma! Those bracelets are so sweet and cute of him! You look and ARE adorable and beautiful Chelan and cookies look awesome. Proud mother moment for sure! <3usomush!

  2. I want nanizzle's cookie recipe. Maybe swap the cookie recipe for a painting? ya-ya? haha kidding. Also I just wanted to say that I love you and parker.

  3. 1. Cute bracelets.
    2. LOVE the outfit! I love that you stand in front of the curtain,it reminds me of my blog pics hahah.
    3. Is you curtain really that color or did you bring your own?! Mine's dark green...mehh. I LOVE that color of yours!
    4. You look beautiful (:


  4. madison I realllllly like the sound of that trade! definitely! and thank you. I quite love us too :) haha

    Rachel! Thank you! I copied the stand in front of the curtain thing from you haha and I had an awful like maroon burgundy colored curtain so my momizzle bought me a new one instead :) plus the other one was really gross... super dirty. but thank you girl!

  5. yay for letters and surprise goodies! now if only i could get a letter or two... that would be lovely.

  6. Yayyyy:') he makes me proud. SO cute :)