Friday, December 9, 2011

obsession at the wrong time

I have an obsession. 
it is severe!
I recently started watching that little show called Vampire Diaries!
I finished season one in a weekish. 
Watched a couple episodes tonight in honor of finishing classes. 
I'm absolutely 100% obsessed with it. 
I pretty much think about nothing else. 
bad idea to start right before finals eh? but my finals come first. don't worry mom and nana. 
I'll be sure to study hard hard hard! 
It was Ian Somerhalder's birthday on thursday. 
Happy Birthday Ian!! 
We had a birthday party for him. 
and we made shirts in honor of his amazingness. 
we are also going to make red punch at some point to resemble blood and then all take pictures of ourselves drinking blook with his shirts on. 
oh and some awesome vampirish make up would be involved. don't fret.
but ya. 
I really do love him. 



  1. oh my gosh chan! I'm obsessed with it too. I started watching like a month ago, and got caught up way too soon. and now I have to wait until Jan 5 to start again. And only 1 episode a week! this kills me.
    but really, when I started I could not think of anything else either. It took over my every thought.
    and i may of even stood in line at midnight in the cold on black friday to get season 1 and 2. I just love it so much!

  2. Oh yes, oh yes! Same thing happened to me— the obsession that is! I can't imagine it not happening to anyone after the first episode. What I love most of this post is the fact that you also fell in love with Damon or Ian more so than Stefan. So much happiness.

  3. I am completely obsessed with Vampire Diaries also!! It's amazing... Ian is gorgeous, Stephan is gorgeous, Matt is gorgeous, and Jeremy becomes gorgeous in later episodes :)