Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awkward and Awesome?

-me going to the training room and not having a darn clue what I'm doing.
-the girls in the training room that were supposed to help me not knowing what they were doing either.
-drinking too much water so I have to go pottay every 10 minutes while watching Prison Break.
-getting so bored that I did my stats reading and all of the practice questions.
-going to get ice cream with my roommate dressed real slick in our sweats on a friday night... date night.
-tension in the apartment
-financial stress

-Seeing my cousin Carley not once but twice this weekend along with my Uncle Craig and my cousin Caitlyn. It has been far too long, especially since we live in the same city.
-going to the only university in the United States that has a dance training room.
-Getting pulled aside after contemporary class by my teacher to have her tell me that she could tell that I have been working hard and she could see a lot of improvement.
-doing yoga on saturday morning with Candace and Lexi.
-coming home to a stolen love sac. don't mind if I do.
-starting a new Marcia Lynn Mcclure book.
-watching Prison Break. mmm lovin me some Michael Scofield.
-getting three letters today.
-talking to my mom a lot this week. I don't know what I'd do without that lady.
-being able to get my emotions out through dancing.
-Matlin got MVP of her basketball tournament this weekend. In one game she had 26 points. 6 shots of which were 3 pointers. 5 of those 3 pointers were in a row. Rock on Mattie Caboose!
-Craig getting Player of the Game against Medicine hat and them winning their games twice.
-going to the BYU men's volleyball game with Kody and Taylor. Byu winning that game. Number 1 baby!
-Parker's 6 month mark.
-Making my bed twice in one week.
-getting 2 helpful emails full of wisdom from my Nana.

I always love reading other blogs that do the whole Awkward and Awesome Thursday thing. Except usually these bloggers that do these are witty. I am sorry I am not so witty... when I was writing this, I realized that even though the Awkward part isn't necessarily negative, its not awesome. So it helped me put into perspective that even though life for me lately has been a little rough, I still have a lot to be grateful for. I noticed that the good definitely outweighs the bad and I hope it continues to be that way and that I can continue to notice the good things in life.


  1. Loved this post A LOT!! You are so cute and so is your blog!!

  2. I love you.....You are an AMAZING young lady whom I not only LOVE, but ADMIRE IMMENSELY! You will be fine....always take the high road and you will be blessed dolly <3