Thursday, February 23, 2012

Living the good life

This be my life lately, in pictures. 

1. I got a sewing machine for christmas so Nanizzle helped me spice up some sweats

2. These goons had a 'boys and chelan' new years party playing video games and eating sukyaki! 

3. Matlin is the coolest
4. Back at school. At a BYU basketball game with wardies. 


6. Candace and I have learned to love each other. 
7. They go to concerts a lot.
 8. We made fortune cookies to ask boys on dates. 
9.They answered us with balloons. 
 10. They cook good meals for me!
11. We go on fun dates. 

Earnst makes welcome appearances.

I cannot take a serious picture. 

12. I craft on sundays and make the apartment even cuter.

Life is so good. Let me tell you. There have been quite a few bumps in the road this semester but somehow I have been able to get past em and keep going. It has been such a good start to 2012 and I am excited to see what else this year brings. 
{Coming Soon: Harry Potter Long Weekend Presidents Day Post}
Stay tuned for more glimpses of my awesome life!
Love ya'll. 

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  1. You DO love me! Thank you for posting these pics Chan......I feel so out of your life when you are gone :( Life looks fun and I admire you for finding the positive when there have been challenges <3