Friday, February 10, 2012

Things that make me happy

hugs. roommates. really really good contemporary class. chats on the phone with my family. dance competition. getting compliments from my dance teachers on my movement. the dance training room. ron. love sacs. fun guy friends. arcades. beating boys at the basketball game at the arcade. special K vanilla almond cereal. a really good sandwich. cucumbers. discovering new music. nailing two 5 pirouettes in my kitchen this week. having time to read for fun. finishing prison break. getting rides places. understanding my stats homework. rice cakes. telling boy stories to my dance friends and listening to their boy stories. losing weight. getting stronger. ice cream. diet pepsi (its the weekend baby!). the four headed dragon. the siesta sac. lexi lyon music. singing in the shower. freshly shaved legs. tap dancing. hearing that my sister is doing a tap solo and that she is excited about it! chatting with old roommates. success stories. nice weather. nike anything. love. packages. 

Just a few of my favorite things.

Today is a good one peeps. enjoy it!


  1. did you watch the movie thing at the end of prison break??

    1. Yes maam I surely did. I cried. I love michael so much.