Monday, April 16, 2012

The Other Two: Part 1 - Candace

I have been so blessed with the roommates that I got this year. 
I knew that Tess and I were going to have a blast together but I was a little skeptical about the other two at first. 
I didn't know what kind of people they were going to be.. weirdies. Thats what we got. 
But you know what? Its ok cuz if you didn't already know, Tess and I are weirdies too. 
We are all weirdies together. 
Meet Candace (Left):
She looks reeeeeally good alllllll the time.
She went to school for orthadontic assisting. Graduated already. She's awesome and checks our mouths when they hurt. 
She likes to cuddle with Tessa.
She is a fabulous cook and likes to make good food for me a lot.

We prank our friends cars together. 
She spills her food all the time.
If Stevey and I got married and had a child, it would be Candace.
She was sooooooo excited to get a whirly pop for Christmas. She makes the best popcorn!
I have rubbed off on her.. She now makes ugly faces a lot. 

She's one of the most awkward people I've ever met. Which makes for perfect awkward pictures. 
She likes to pose for me and she looks great in my dance clothes.
I think this is her favorite pose...  
Candy and Michael. The perfect Abercrombie couple. 
And she sometimes goes on dates. I just really like this picture of her and Tim. 
I just loooooooove Candy :)

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  1. Oh Chelandra! How I've loved living with you the past eight months! And how you've made my life better!
    Thank you for teaching me how to make ugly faces and how to properly put together a trendy outfit ;)
    You have brightened my world and all those you encounter. You are a sweet spirit that is willing to love people and I admire that about you. You have been such a great example to me without even knowing it, and for that I thank you. If only my cooking skills could've worn off on you.. But I know one day you will learn to enjoy it, okay maybe just baking :)
    I love you Chelan! And I am so happy that you came into my life! I am going to miss you and being able to live with you next year, but don't you fret... I'll still come over and cook for you :) Plus, we'll be in the same ward! Pure gold! Haha.
    Stay classy my Canadian friend, and remember Teddy was Jewish :)
    Love always,
    Candace Ashely Dixon. AKA: Candy