Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Other Two: Part Two - Lexi

Meet Lexi: 
That's her. On the right. 
She's cute all the time. 
She's foxy and got the cutest pixie cut.
Her mom send us stuff to decorate cookies with. 
She is an AWESOME singer/songwriter and everyone should look up her stuff. Its on itunes and Pandora. Lexi Lyon! Woo! 
She dresses up with us for halloween.

She makes group pictures that much better :) 
This is what she'd call a Chelan face. I'd say she's got it down pretty good. 
She sucks at roller skating but she rocks those roller skating clothes and poses.
She makes awkward situations not so awkward. Or maybe even more awkward. I haven't decided yet. 
All the boys love her. 
She's a model. even when she isn't trying to be. 
She's engaged to Matt. Not really but really.
She's sometimes the Mom of the apartment. Other times its Candace. They trade off. 
She makes a GREAT fu manchu. 
I help her with her art projects. Sometimes even until four in the morning haha
She has cool artsy music friends that she goes to concerts with. 
She makes veggie pizza with cute boys. 
Another Chelan face. She's got it good this time. 
She loves nature. One time she saw some trees that were cut down and went and hugged one of the stumps because she felt bad for it. She gets mad when I yell at the plants in the apartment. She always brings home odd rocks and plants. She's crazy. And she likes to climb trees but she gets stuck in them. Don't let this picture fool you. She was scared out of her mind because she couldn't get down. We all climbed up there with her after that.. 
She's a vegetarian. Until we go to J-dawgs. 
We love Harry Potter together and make Harry Potter sugar cookies.
She's got style. 
I don't really know what this picture is. I just really really like it. I think it shows us all perfectly. I love Lexi and I am going to miss her over the summer. She's awesome to say the least. 

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  1. I loved your apartment so much. You were a good group of girls!