Monday, April 9, 2012

sometimes I get lazy and don't post.
But just a small update.
My izzles came :) Nanizzle, Momizzle, and Camrizzle and boy oh boy was that ever fun!
I got my toes done and my lovely mother paid a little extra to get the shellac stuff so, they still look great today. 2 weeks later! and I'm a dancer... so that's sayin something.
I get to go home NEXT WEEK! woot woot!
I am not one bit stressed for finals. Its too nice outside to stress.
Stats will be the one final I stress about. the rest should be easy peasy fun. yes that is possible to have a fun final. when its dance that is.
I feel like I'm going home this week... so I feel like I should pack... but then I remember that I still have a week and 3 days here so it probably wouldn't be smart to pack yet.
I am going to miss my roommates a lot.
I am so so so so so excited to go home.

This semester went by so flipping fast its ridiculous!
My mom and matlin get to go to new york tomorrow! I am so jealous but also SO excited for them. They get to go to Wicked, Mary Poppins, AND Newsies! Are you kidding me? that is just not fair.. Can't wait to hear allllllll about it.
I have to choreograph a solo for my contemporary final. Then the weekend after I get home, I get to compete in competition. I'm nervous!
I need to find a song for this solo still... and its supposed to be based off of a memory. We'll see how well this works out.
I saw Titanic 3D in the theaters this weekend and aside from my butt hurting like crazy (there is something wrong with it) it was perfect. leo. mmm He's just so cute. GREAT movie!
I am excited to dance in Jodi's Dance recital this year again :)
I am sooooo excited for the Dance Camp this summer too! ( REGISTER NOW! Its gonna be awesome.
ok. that's all for now. bye :)

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