Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update a little bit

I'm home now. 
Have been for two weeks. 
and I am absolutely and completely loving it!
Being home is just fabulous!
Being with my family feels so good. 
I am just loving life. 
I start work on Wednesday. 
I'm kind of excited but then again, I'm kind of dreading it. 
It will be nice to have something to do again.
I have been helping out a lot with the dance studio because the recital is coming up next week. 
I get to help with the decorations and such which I am really excited about!
I also get to dance in it with Michelle, Jordan, and Tessa. 
We have been choreographing a dance together the past week and I quite like it!
I travelled to Cranbrook, BC to help out my family with Dance Competition.
Can I just brag for a second and say how stinking cute and talented my sisters are?!
They seriously are the cutest little performers on stage and I am so proud whenever they are up there!
As my mom was helping her other classes and such, I was there to help my sisters when they needed it and I felt kinda like a mom of my own. 
It made me excited to have my own little dancers one day that I can watch on stage and be proud of too. 
As for now though, my sisters will surely suffice haha
Competition ended up going really well! 
Everyone performed great so it was a goooood weekend.
I have been going to aerobics at 6 am with my mom while I've been home and boy has that ever been brutal! 
I am sore and tired after but then again, it does feel good to keep exercising. 
Well... that's all for now. Hopefully with the recital and work starting I'll have some more exciting posts in the near future!
Rock on. 

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  1. I could not have survived without you these past few weeks! I could not ask for a better daughter! Love you!