Wednesday, June 27, 2012

puddle jumping

Parker recently requested pictures. Since I have been home, I haven't taken all that many pictures.. Besides work, I don't do anything all that exciting; nothing really picture worthy. And the weather has been so rainy that it makes it harder to get out and do fun stuff ya know? So today Matlin and Shay said we should go puddle jumping. Well I was a little hesitant at first because the lighting outside was nuts. It hit the junior high while my dad was there this afternoon so I said uh lets wait for the lightening to stop. We did and then low and behold the sun appeared! We ended up going up to the elementary school to find some nicely sized puddles for our adventure. I definitely brought my camera and now I have some fun pictures to send to Parks! Cheers!
They forced me in that nasty animal infested pool.
Turns out there were no animals. All good :)

Meet my sisters.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Book List

Anyone who knows me knows that I love love love reading!  I just cannot get enough of it. Fortunately enough, my summer job at the tourist center gives me plenty of time to read. Last summer I read 21 books and this summer I'm planning on reading even more. Since I have been home I have read 10 books.

Rumors of War (Children of the Promise Vol 1) - Dean Hughes
Since You Went Away (Children of the Promise Vol 2) - Dean Hughes
Far From Home (Children of the Promise Vol 3) - Dean Hughes
When We Meet Again (Children of the Promise Vol 4) - Dean Hughes
As Long As I Have You (Children of the Promise Vol 5) - Dean Hughes
Daydreams - Marcia Lynn Mcclure
Deadline - Clair Poulson
The Summer I Turned Pretty (The Summer I Turned Pretty Series) - Jenny Han
Its Not Summer Without You (The Summer I Turned Pretty Series)  - Jenny Han
We'll Always Have Summer (The Summer I Turned Pretty Series) - Jenny Han

Got any good book suggestions for me?