Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday Season Bucket List

At our house the Holidays have begun! We keep saying a bunch of things that we want to do so I thought I'd write em down so that we don't forget anything. Happy Holidays!
Drink hot chocolate in the following flavors: 
Dark Belgium Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
French Vanilla
Go see the Temple Square lights in Salt Lake City
Ice Skating
Carollama (Caroling with a llama)
Music Video 
Make a Christmas card and send them to everyone
Gift exchange with the roomies
Hang Stockings
Watch A Christmas Story

Read The Christmas Promise: Couldn't find a picture of this particular book... and I couldn't remember who it is written by. Its the BEST BOOK EVER though!

Take Christmas Pictures

Build a snowman or a thousand

Have a snowball fight: This will be my opponent.


Make and wear Christmas sweaters

Paint Christmas nails


  1. hahahaha. that lady on the sled.
    sounds like fun!

  2. I watched Christmas Story last weekend. Brilliant! :)
    Cute blog, by the way. New follower:)