Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Another update post because that's all I can seem to find time for these days.
*Note: Most of these pictures don't really correspond with the parts of the post they are by.. some do. Some don't. I just got too lazy to organize everything nicely.
-Christmas was FABULOUS. 3 weeks at home? I'd take that any day. It was just what I needed. I loved the time I got to spend with my family and have I mentioned that I got to spend some time with Parker's family too? Well now you know. I actually got to talk to the boy on Christmas day which was so very unexpected yet so very fun! It was good to see his smiling, happy face no matter how awkward we were.
Meet Parker's sisters. We get along GREAT!
Top left corner beside the score board. Spirit fingers. Yellow sweatshirt.
This is one of my favorite pictures of my BYU experience thus far. 

-A little more Christmas action for ya. I learned to knit :) My scarf is coming along nicely. I got knitting supplies from my parents and my Nana so very kindly taught me how to do it! I did a puzzle with my sisters. I am craving another one already. I just really love puzzles a lot. I went to some good old Cardston Basketball. I got some nice red boots and an Ipod 5 from Santa Claus. What a nice man! And now I be instagrammin like crazy. Follow me (chelan22). My favorite part of Christmas by far was hanging out with my family all day every day for three weeks. I won't go into how much I love them because I won't ever stop.
-I am now back in Provo... School is a couple weeks in. Its a good semester of classes. I am finished school at 3 pm every day. I like it like that.
-My broski gots a girlfwiend :) 
-Parker has 6 months left people. How insane is that? I don't think it has hit me yet.
-I was on ESPN.
-Ari and I are attempting to cook every once in a while and guess what! We haven't poisoned one another yet so I think that's a good sign. Here's to hoping!
-Planning for dance camp for this summer is underway and I am very excited about it. I really like thinking about the summer. Warm weather. Tans. Not wearing make up. Not doing my hair. Making money. Sunshine. Parker comes home. Swimming. Summer nights. Being home. ohhhhhh it just sounds so good!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the holidays. New years kisses hahahaha

-my chocolate consumption is getting out of hand. I blame those things called hormones.
-I have got Ari addicted to bejeweled blitz. Bad idea. Don't every try it...
-I love sitting on the front row at basketball games and I fear that I will never be happy with anything else now that I have experienced this magicalness.
Jummmmbo Tron action! Spirit fingers yet again. Old habits die hard.

- My lovely friend and former roommate Candace is a fabulous cook and lucky for me, she loves to cook food for other people. She knows I can't cook so she invites me over at LEAST once a week to enjoy a good homecooked meal. How kind! These are some of the pictures of the food she has made for myself and sometimes Ari too. She has also started invovling Ari and I in the cooking process every once in a while so I'm slooooooowly learning how to cook. Its a work in progress. I still hate it.
-Welllllllll I have by some miracle convinced Ari to give me a foot massage and she just asked if I want lotion so I guess that's my cue.
Cheers to the freakin weekend.