Saturday, February 23, 2013

For the loooooove

Well its a glooooooomy saturday morning. I'm sitting in the kitchen with the lights off. Its blizzarding outside. Really quite dark.. ominousishhh. But regardless of the current weather situation and lack of light, I've had a great morning. You know when you are doing something that you love and you just have one of those moments where its like, "I love this so much!" I had one of those moments already today and its only 10:30 am. About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about a disco tap dance that I was doing and how fun it was. This year for our concert in March, we are redoing that tap dance. Relearning it has been super fun. I'm surprised at how quickly my body remembers the steps! Muscle memory is such an incredible thing! I went from not remembering one step in this 4 minute long dance to rehearsing it for an hour and knowing the entire thing just like that because once we start going my feet just keep tapping even though my brain isn't really telling them to do it.. and then just like that, boom, the dance is remembered. We've had two rehearsals for this number and each time we get to a certain part in the dance I have the same experience. We are all standing at the back of the room and one really really really incredible tapper is improvising a solo. Two at a time the rest of us turn around and start doing something called a 'time step'. I get to turn around first to start doing this step and when we are all doing it together I can't help but think, "I love this! I love this! I love this!" I am just filled with this overwhelming joy. Its hard for me to explain but it really is such a great feeling, to be so in love with what you are doing that it makes you so so happy. The first time this happened it brought me to tears a little bit. I love these kinds of experiences because they remind me why I am where I am and make me feel so grateful to have the opportunities that I do. I am so glad that my parents put me in dance when I was a lil youngin'. I can't imagine my life with out dance in it.. literally. My earliest memory is at age four and I've been dancing since age three. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to share dance with my mom and my sisters. It is such a blessing to be dancing here at BYU and learning so much and having experiences like these ^^^ I'm just really grateful. I guess what I'm getting at is that I love to dance, especially tap.

Now. Here is a video of this here disco tap dance that I love so much. This was when we did it at World of Dance in 2011 and it was a much larger group than it is now. We also had some cloggers that come in near the end and they do some BYU flag thing? There was a big football game that night so that was in support of the team or something along those lines. I am wearing the same thing as everyone else and my hair is the same so you most likely won't be able to see me butttttttt in case you want to try, I am the last one to come out of the back left wing when looking at the stage. I do some arm swinging thing when I come on. Enjoy!

Click HERE to watch!


  1. i love this! I love that you love it so much. It's just you and I love that about you. THAT VIDEO ROCKS.

  2. btw.....I could pick you out anywhere! haha