Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22 things for the 22nd of may

+parker has two months left. can you believe that? where the heck did the time go?!
+i have begun another summer working at the tourist information center
+i miss ari
+i love being home with my family
+i've read two books already and the center hasn't even been open for a week
+vampire diaries. i'm on disc 5 of season 3 and plan to finish it today. team damon
+my brother is getting married to the beautiful bailey powelson and i couldn't be happier for them :)
+i went to dance competition and it was a blast
+the girl i work with watches serial killer documentaries on youtube and i think she is secretly getting ideas.. i'm convinced i will be her first victim
+i want to play softball this summer
+i am SO excited to be teaching at dance camp again this summer. if i haven't done a post on that already that will be my next post
+the dance recital was a smashing success and it was so fun to dance in it again
+i have lost 5 pounds and my butt is smaller #winning
+i'm wearing a hat and red lipstick today
+my grandparents {nanizzle and pumpa} are moving to cardston and i am excited that they will be just a short walk away from us
+so you think you can dance dance dance
+i play just dance 4 by myself because no on else will play it with me and i still kick butt
+i have started craving spinach smoothies
+i want to have some fun with sparklers
+my boss wouldn't let me take another week off of work this summer to go see parker
+i get a sort of thrill when i see that people have retweeted or favourited my tweets {insert sheepish look here}
+i'm going to watch the rest of tvd, downton abbey, friday night lights, and pretty little liars this summer. as well as start revenge and 90210, just fyi



  1. omg parker comes home in two months?!?!! whaaat. craziness. BTW thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me laugh out loud haha!

    also, 90210 is my #1 fave show. so sad it's over. I have seen every episode. its juicy drama is just addicting.

    1. Yes, two months!! So weird! And now 90210 just moved up on my list of priorities :)

  2. Okay you're blog is super cute! I hope ya don't mind that I read it! Can't wait for our photoshoot! Then you'll pictures of you to post!