Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well folks, its been a while. Due time for an update I'd say!

-If you didn't somehow already know... Parker is home and we are happily dating :) I am so in love its ridiculous. Don't be surprised if with every little update I mention him somehow haha cuz its bound to happen. He's a very big part of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.
-I performed with a Tap group for BYU's biggest production, Homecoming Spectacular. That was such a blast and my parents drove down from Canada to watch. This was the first time my dad has seen me dance at BYU so that was so fun. Parker also came to watch and this was the first time he has EVER seen me dance so that was also really special.

-I auditioned for BYU's dancEnsemble contemporary group and made it this semester! We had our concert, "YOU" last weekend and it was so rewarding to perform the dances that we had worked on as a company all semester. I got the opportunity to choreograph a solo on one of the dancers with Michelle Zemp and that turned out so well. Our dancer, Naomi, was a champ and made the movement look so darn cool. Michelle and I also got to perform a duet called Cartoon Duet. We had a 'sisterly' relationship where we love each other but we fight the entire time. Our dance was choreographed by a girl named Elise Beers and she was awesome to work with too. Michelle and I ended up yelling at each other in gibberish on stage. This dance was so fun! I was really worried about the acting aspects of this piece because acting is definitely not my specialty. Rehearsals were such a struggle because I had a hard time keeping a straight face whenever I would see Michelle acting angry. I would often burst out into giggles but as soon as I got in front of an audience I had my game face on and was somehow able to get through the dance without even so much as cracking a smile! Keeping a straight face was especially difficult when we added the gibberish part into the equation. I didn't think that I would actually be able to do it and secretly prayed that the director would hate the gibberish buuuuuuut he loved it. Which I was expecting. So he had us add even more gibberish and noises and continued to push me out of my comfort zone to the point where I didn't even really think about what I was doing... it became normal for me somehow and I was able to perform it pretty well I thought. Parker also came to see this concert not once, not twice, but three times! We had performances both Friday and Saturday nights as well as a matinee on Saturday and he came to all three shows. The poor boy. I bet he was so bored after the first concert but he insisted that I get him tickets to all three performances. I loved knowing that he was in the audience. He is such a good supportive boyfriend :)
-I am taking the max amount of credits (18) this semester and I have hardly any homework. I don't know how that happened... but Parker has soooooooo much homework all the time that he is super busy. I make him lots of sandwiches :O it must be love right? He makes me domestic. He likes studying though... so thats good. If only I had something to occupy my free time so that I wasn't so darn bored all the dang time!
-I get to go home for American Thanksgiving break on Saturday!!!!! I could not be more excited to see my family! I can't wait to decorate the Christmas tree, eat some good food, go to Alumni and relax with the people I love most! Parker is coming with me which I am really, really, really happy about. I never thought I would say this but Christmas break this year is gonna be so hard cuz I'll be away from him for two weeks! I hate long distance! I don't ever wanna do it again! Butttttt on the same note. I am so excited for Christmas! It truly is the best, most wonderful time of the year. It just makes me giddy thinking about it :)
-I got great news today! The new director of DancEnsemble, Graham Brown, is a brand new faculty member here at BYU. He got my name right from day one so I automatically liked him. I could tell that has also liked me from day one so that's been really helpful this semester. He is the teacher of my composition class, my technique class, as well as the director of DancEnsemble so I have been working with him a lot this semester. Not very many of the other students have enjoyed learning from him as much as I have for some reason but I think that has to do with the fact that I have been around him so much so I have come to understand how is brain works a lot better than they have. He is the most interesting person. So strange but in a good way. He really knows a lot about improvisation and choreography so it has been really beneficial learning about those things this semester along with many other aspects of the dance world. Today I met with him for customary interviews after the dancEnsemble concert and he informed me that he got asked to redo his concert with a professional company as well as a few of the dE dancers. He is inviting certain students to be assistant choreographers for this revamped edition of the concert that will be performed in Salt Lake either next December or the following spring. He asked me to be his assistant choreographer for the beginning large group number which is just so beyond exciting! This dance was one of my favourites to perform so I am honored to have been asked to help with the choreography for it. This will be a really good experience for me as well for my future career. The dance has a lot to do with rhythms and quirky movement so I am excited to figure out how I can help take it even further than what it was for our concert.

 -Michelle and I had to hug for literally five minutes on stage at the end of the concert. It was a really sweaty hug.

That's all I can think of for now. I'm gonna start writing a paper that is due next week... that's how bored I am. Over and out.