Wednesday, June 17, 2015


You guys! I'm happy to say that I have survived a little over 24 hours of Parker being in Guatemala....... it's been difficult. But I'm keeping busy with things like starting a new TV show on Netflix, exercising, and blogging (as you can see), which helps a ton! Only a week left haha!

It has recently, as in since I got married, become known to me that I am a very picky eater.... I never though I was picky before marriage, but I'm pretty sure that's due to the fact that my mom catered to what her children would eat so I was always fed things I liked at home (which is not a bad thing!! I love my mom's cooking and I am grateful she was so thoughtful!). And then when I was a single student, living on my own, I would cook for myself, so I never had any issues of eating things I didn't like there either. But now that I'm married, I'm realizing how bad it really is....
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I really do love to eat though... like a lot... like I think of few things other than eating a lot of the time..

The reason I entitled this post 'Help!' is because I need help in finding easy recipes, emphasis on the easy, that are foolproof. I wish so badly that I got my mother's love of cooking and her talent in the kitchen, but alas.... I was cursed with the opposite. I hate cooking and I'm bad at it. Or I'm bad at cooking so I hate it. Its another chicken and the egg scenario.

Anyway, does anyone have any recipes that are (or websites that could lead me to) healthy, simple meals that don't include the following:

Tomatoes - number one most disgusting thing on my list. Even the smell makes me sick.
Mushrooms - unless they are tiny, like in mushroom soup
Raw onions - cooked are ok if they are small enough that they don't overpower the flavor
Raw peppers
Olives - black and green
Avocado- I have tried to like this stuff but I just don't. Even guacamole. Yuck!
Eggs - Like eggs for breakfast just trigger my gag reflex
Beans - All except green beans. I love green beans!
Sweet potatoes - I love sweet potato fries though
Tortillas - sometimes I like them, other times I hate em. 
Cottage cheese
Greek yogurt
Sour cream
Coconut - including the smell
Apples - including apple juice
Peas - raw and cooked... I do like them creamed though
Chick peas
Sweet pickles
Brussels Sprouts - they taste like ear wax
Celery - sometimes its ok, like when its in things or when it has cheese whiz in it :)
Black licorice - I realize I wouldn't cook with this but its nasty so it's on the list

So there ya have it folks. That's my list of foods I don't like. Pretty please share your recipes with me either in the comments below or via my email which is chelannybobanny (at) gmail (dot) com. This really is a desperate cry for help here because Parker and I are getting pretty sick of the few meals I actually know how to make.... And who knows, perhaps I'll find one I love and feature it on my blog one day haha!

Thanks in advance for your help! xoxo!

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