Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Love Story: Part 5

"Here's the thing about this love story of ours. Its long. And drawn out. And mushy-gushy. And even a bit cheesy. But it's true. And I've decided to take my time writing it, capturing all the special details of those moments I never want to forget. So if mushy-gushy, cheesy love stories aren't your thing, I totally get that. Just know that I'm writing this as a gift - to my family, and my children, and their future children - and also, for [Parker] and me - so that on those days when the kids are screaming, the laundry is overflowing and the bills are rolling in...on those days when it all just seems so hard, we'll have this to remind us of those first moments when we fell in love. And if sappy, detail ridden love stories are your thing, well then you've come to the right place." -Ashley Stock

To read the beginning of our love story, click here.

Fall 2010

Since my friends had pretty much all moved away, I was determined to keep in contact with them.. and I also didn't have much else to do besides teach dance a couple of nights a week, so Tessa and I would Skype each other pretty regularly. (She was basically the key to Parker and I working out, you guys).

Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm Back!

Hey there! I'm back in action on this little blog of mine. I would say that I'm sorry for being so M.I.A. lately, but I'm really not sorry at all because I GOT A JOB! And it was slightly awful! Ok so it really wasn't all that bad but it was just a little bit exhausting.... I will say that the pay was great and I got a ton of hours so it was definitely worth it. It was a temporary position with a Medicare insurance company and it was supposed to go all the way through until December 7th but guess who got ANOTHER JOB! It is my pleasure to inform you that yours truly has been hired as the receptionist at a dance studio in Akron, Ohio called Creative Motions Studios and I am so excited about it!! Is a receptionist what I've always dreamed of being? No... but does this new job have the potential to turn into a teaching position in the future? YES! And I figure that getting receptionist experience in a dance studio setting will also be beneficial to me in the future for multiple reasons. This job is one step closer to doing what I actually want to do and what I have been trained to do so I am thrilled. I am also very happy that it is a permanent position... no more of this temporary stuff. So that's where I've been lately. But I'm back, and working a little less hours (hopefully I can find another part time position to fill in the extra hours I've got open at the moment). But as for now, I am content with knowing that I have a permanent job and that I am involved in the dance world again in some small way!

With all that being said.. lets talk about Christmas, shall we?!
This was my computer desktop photo at my medicare job haha It kept me motivated :)

Last year, I couldn't leave the country due to the green card situation we were in so we ended up going to Ohio for Christmas break. Originally we thought that we would have had all the immigration stuff figured out by then (newbs lol) and we could do Christmas in Canada last year and then Christmas in Ohio this year but that obviously didn't happen and so to Ohio we went. And it was one of the best Christmas' I've ever had!! I thought that it would be hard doing something different from what I was used to but it really wasn't all that different. I was still surrounded by people that I love and that love me back and we had so much fun together! And I also have to add that I forgot what it was like to have little kids around on Christmas morning.. how fun it was to witness their excitement over Santa and their gifts! I got to Facetime my family on Christmas morning so that was awesome too. 

This year, we are going to Canada and I am so excited! But I have to admit that I have been stressing about one thing... stockings! This year, Parker and I are are just in charge of each other's stockings. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could put in his stocking that isn't just random stuff to fill it up? Things that he could actually use or is meaningful in some way? What's something that you have put in your spouse's stocking that they love/appreciate? Or things that you have got in your own stocking that you love?!

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!! xoxo, Chelan