Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 Year in Review!

I've sadly seen so many people saying that they hated 2015 and that they can't wait to leave it behind... Lucky for me, 2015 was one of the best years of my life! Seriously though, it was filled with SO MUCH GOOD AND FUN AND FAMILY!!! So that has inspired me to write down a list of all the wonderful things that 2015 consisted of. Also, I know that this is kinda late but life happened, my friends.

+ We started off the year with me asleep on the couch (lame I know!) at our family friends' cabin while Parker was playing ice hockey on the frozen Blaine Lake. We were on the annual McMurray family ski trip! (If you want to see a funny video of me skiing... or rather falling while trying to ski, click HERE. It's a super long video, so watch from 8:50-10:30 for the best footage of my pathetic skiing abilities hahah)

+ Back to Provo for Parker's last semester of school! I pretty much watched Netflix, cleaned, read books, blogged, and did nothing for a few months as I couldn't work while waiting for my green card to come through and I had graduated in December.

+ Parker started working at Tute Genomics part time!

+ Parker interviewed in California and I tagged along cuz WHY NOT?!
+ Parker also interviewed in Ohio the same weekend that his brother got home from his mission so he left me for 5 days and it was probably the most bored I've ever been in my entire life.

+ We celebrated our one year anniversary by going to the Ballet in Salt Lake City (tickets courtesy of our good friend, Alan. How nice is that?!!) and then getting sushi afterwards. My parents were coming through town that weekend so they brought our wedding cake with them so we could eat it on our first anniversary!! It was even tastier than I remembered!
Anniversary Sushi!!!

+ I got my work authorization and was able to start working at a call center (which sucks as badly as you would think it does, btw) and a couple of dance studios!

+ Cody and Rylie got married in California so we made another trip out there!
+ While in California we went to San Francisco with the gang the day after the wedding. Parker and I got separated from everyone without a car after going to see the Golden Gate Bridge so we wandered and walked for several hours. After walking up the steepest hill I have ever seen, we came across the Full House House! And then we walked some more to get to Japan town where we ate some of the best Japanese food I've ever had!
Nasty photo of me but its the full house house so it had to include it!

+ We went to Arizona for spring break with my family! Post with video about that HERE.
+ We went on a Southern Caribbean Cruise and it was the funnest!
+ We went camping in the Spanish Fork Canyon with some friends and found some awesome hot springs!
+ I had little tap dancers perform in a dance recital!

+ We packed up/sold all of our belongings so we could move to Canada for the summer!!

+ We had THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!! We didn't work so we had tons of time to just play with our families and friends. Parker's family was also in Canada over the summer so we had SO much fun with everyone. We went camping in Montana multiple times. We went to Blaine Lake and Flathead Lake. We went jet skiing and tubing and knee boarding and surfing. We got super tan. We went to Matlin's high school graduation. We went to Wally's beach numerous times and we went to Beazer. We ate so much food and lived with Parker's grandparents. We played spike ball for dayz and lots of other games, too. Parker and I both celebrated our 23rd birthdays. We reread Harry Potter. Parker went to Guatemala. I read a ton of books. We went golfing. We went to Bear Lake in Idaho/Utah for a Cosgrove family reunion. We played tennis. We went fishing. And to top it all off, the weather was incredible!! It was so hot and NO WIND pretty much every day. Ya.... I think you get it. #bestsummerever
+ Parker got accepted to medical school!!

+ Then we packed up all of our belongings again and drove across the country to Ohio!
+ We got settled in Ohio and then took off on another adventure to Florida to visit Harry Potter World. Post ALLLLL about that incredible vacation HERE!
+ Parker started school and had his white coat ceremony and I looked for work.
+ I finally got a temporary position at another call center and happily didn't have to finish there because I got the receptionist position at the dance studio that I currently work at.
+ We went to Parker's parents' house in southeast Ohio for Thanksgiving, along with several other weekend trips in the months between summer and Thanksgiving and those were super fun and always a nice break from school/job searching! We loved getting to see family every month!
We got to be there for Balls' homecoming! It was so fun helping her get ready. She looked stunning, as usual!

+ I surprised my family by coming home a week early for Christmas break while Parker stayed behind to finish up finals. See the videos here and here!
Haaaad to add this one cuz guys, I've been outdone with ugly faces by the one, the only, matcat_22. 

+ Parker joined us in Canada after he finished his first semester of medical school (which went SO FAST!).
And we practiced our couples yoga. It's coming along nicely haha!

+ We had a magical, white, Canadian Christmas.
Terribly blurry photo, but it was all the McMurray side after skating on Christmas Eve day!
+ We then went on the #mcmurrayfamilyskitrip2015 to Montana again and I didn't entirely suck this year!!
+ We rang in the new year by eating finger foods and playing a close game of aggravation in our matching pajamas and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Obviously, 2015 was so good to us and I can't wait to see what's in store for 2016!! Happy New Year everyone! 

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