Friday, January 22, 2016


Last Sunday we had an awesome Relief Society lesson on peace and how to find it. The entire time the lesson was being given, the word focus kept coming to my mind as well as the question,

"What am I focusing on?" 

At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher started out by having us list synonyms of peace on the whiteboard. And then we made a list of oppositional words. It was crazy to me how much easier it was to come up with words that are the opposite of peace than words that are similar to peace. This is where the word 'focus' began to circulate in my thoughts.. Why was it easier to write the list of antonyms to peace? For me it was a direct result of what I find myself focusing on on a daily basis. I already know that I complain way too much and I've realized that its because of where my focus is. It's sad to me that I am constantly thinking about my 23 year-old "aches and pains." My hang nail. The fact that I have to cook dinner AGAIN today when I just cooked last night. How my eyelash extensions are falling out.... it's really quite pathetic.

And honestly, there is always going to be something to complain about. Something negative to focus on. But in addition to those negative things, there is always going to be little joys, small victories, and moments of peace to focus on instead! Like the fact that we have actually had more than one home-cooked meal this week!! I think I've finally somewhat broken my caffeine addiction (we're getting there, ok? SMALL victories, remember?). And the fact that I get to work from home in the mornings which means I get to wear sweats to work.

So finally at the end of the class, I just had to raise my hand and comment (not something I typically do. I'm more of a listener than a participant...) about how important our focus is when it comes to finding peace and happiness. I mentioned how easy it was for us to come up with words like stress, anxiety, hatred, and distraction rather than peace, quiet, harmony, and love! And how we aren't going to find those moments of peace if we aren't looking for them or if our focus isn't in the right place. We can't have peace in our day if we are constantly acknowledging the negative aspects of our lives.. its just not going to happen! We've got to make a change to seek out the good even when it seems like our lives suck at the moment. (getting preachy, I know)

Later that day I got a text from my friend from church and she said that she loved what I had said during the lesson and that focus was going to be her 'word' or 'theme' for 2016 and I loved that idea! So here I am, sharing my 2016 theme with you!  F O C U S.

Do you have a word or theme for 2016? I'd love to hear it!

Also, the longer you look at the word focus and the more you say it the weirder it seems.....

xoxo, Chelan


  1. Just what I needed. Thanks for sharing! ... How many eyelash extensions are falling out... Bahaha! Love it.

    1. <3 WAY TOO MANY EXTENSIONS HAVE FALLEN OUT!! it really is a tragedy... ;)

  2. We had that same lesson too and I loved it!! There was a girl in our Relief Society that said that something that ruins our peace is trying to control everything and not putting it into God's hands and I thought that was so profound! So that is something that I am working on this year. I guess its not really a word but it's something I really need to work on! Not being a control freak! Awesome post Chelan! Being a Hollingsworth is the best I am related to so many great people!

    1. LOVE THAT!!! Thank you for sharing! And I feel the exact same way! I've got twice as many great family members now. It's the best!!