Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How We Wore It | Felt Hat

We decided to make this whole 'How We Wore It' thing a monthly series, woot woot!! So this month we are styling the oh-so-popular felt hats!

The whole point of these 'How We Wore It' posts was to find an inspiration photo and recreate our favorite elements of the look using clothing we already have in our closet. I'm the type of person that when I wear a certain shirt with a certain pair of jeans and a certain pair of shoes, then that's all I wear those things with with from that point on. I'm not super adventurous when it comes to my clothing choices. So this series is a great way to break out of my normal clothing habits and try something new with the clothes I already have!

This was the photo we used for inspiration this month. It's Eleni McMullen from Convey The Moment blog (located out of Calgary! Go Alberta!!). I love everything about this outfit. From the hat, to the chunky sweater... it's cozy, but put together. That's another thing about felt hats that I love, they are always the perfect finishing touch!
Felt Hat
Photo found here
Here is my version of this look!
Felt Hat
Felt Hat
Just thinking about how awkward it is to take pictures of yourself in your home office/second bedroom/storage room because its fetchin' cold outside and your hat kept blowing off when you tried to take photos out there. 
Felt Hat
LOVE my 'P' necklace. I wear it pretty much every day.
Felt Hat
Totally faking this laugh lolz
Felt Hat
Notice the different hair styles that work with a hat. It's awesome. 
Felt Hat
Felt Hat
Parker called this my Michael Jackson pose. 

This hat. I had put a felt hat (specifically a burgundy one) on my Christmas list this year and can I just say how glad I am that I didn't get a burgundy one?! Not that I have anything against burgundy.. but I can literally wear this tan hat that I got with pretty much every outfit. It's so versatile! And let's not even get into the fact that with my current hair washing habits, hats are a necessity! My mother found this hat for me for Christmas and it really is perfection. From its color, to its size, to its firmness (some hats are way too floppy for my personal tastes)... I have no complaints!

Hat: Ross (similar here)
Cardigan: Bargain Barn in Cardston :) (Loving this cardigan with elbow patches!)
Top: American Eagle (old, similar here)
Jeans: American Eagle
Booties: Jennifer Lopez from Kohl's (similar here)

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Also, if you are reading this and think, "Hey. That looks fun. I want to join!" Send me a message! We would love to have you join us in these monthly posts! Don't think you want to make a monthly post commitment? No problem. We'd love to have you even just once. The more the merrier! Thanks for reading today!

xoxo, Chelan

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  1. I am dying over these! How do you get more beautiful every day?! I love love your cardigan. Bargain barn!? What a find. Well done.

    1. Janeen you are seriously the sweetest! Thank you so much! You should join us sometime because you are such a fashionista yourself!