Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Project Life Catch Up!

It has been a while (a whole year!) since I last posted some Project Life layouts that I've done. A couple of months ago I printed off all of the pictures from after we got engaged up until summer of 2015 so I've got a loooooot of catching up to do. But I've got all the photos which is a huge start! So it's just a matter of putting the pages together! For now, take a look at my latest pages :)
 ^^ This photo was of one of my favorite days on Baldhead. It didn't fit in any of the pockets so I put split it into two different pockets and I love the end result!
Some fun details along with my handsome man :)
^^ One of my favorite pages haha I saw something like this on Pinterest and we watch enough TV that I could do a page (or 3!) on our favorite shows! 

Speaking of TV.... Now that I'm done Parenthood, what other shows should I watch?! I need suggestions! Thanks for reading! 

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