Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5 Things That Bring Me JOY!

#blogtemer continues with 5 things the bring me joy! It would be so easy to just mention the big things that bring me joy like the gospel, Parker, family, food, and dancing so I'm gonna do some more random and unimportant things that bring me joy for this post because that seems like more fun...

1. The sun. I really think I am happiest when I have got some good ole' vitamin D. After having spent almost the entire month of July indoors teaching dance this year (which don't get me wrong, was awesome! It was just weird not being outside in July of all months! #adulting) I needed some time in the sun. When we finally got to Montana and were out on the paddle boards on the lake, I felt so much joy! And Parker mentioned it haha! It's noticeable how much I enjoy being in the sun.

2. Diet Pepsi. This one is pretty much a given but ooooh there is just something nice about the click of a cold can being opened that just makes me happy. I love the burn of the first gulp!

3. Pretty handwriting. I don't know what it is about it but when I see pretty calligraphy or handwriting on Pinterest, I have to pin it.. even though I probably will never do anything with those pins. I am a doodler through and through and my planner and notebook are almost always covered in my different handwriting attempts.

4. Swimsuits. This is, by far, my favorite thing to buy! Growing up I got at least 3 new swimsuits every summer so when summer comes around, I neeeeeeed a new one. It's an actual need, you guys.

5. TV. I really do love TV. I get so excited about my TV shows and the characters become my friends (don't judge). I get sad when shows end and get so excited when new seasons begin! Big Brother is my current favorite.. I may or may not be watching an older season of it as we speak....

Well that's all for now, folks! Until next time!

What brings you joy?
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  1. Nice five. Swimsuits for me not so much. Sun, definitely, although now with all the skin cancer problems there are, I can't just sit out and bake like I did when I was younger. Stopping by from the Blog-Tember challenge. Great post. I may have to read your love story :)

    1. Janet! Your sweet comment has made my entire day :) Thank you for reading! I'll be sure to check out your post as well. And you should definitely read our love story haha it's been such a blast writing it and I've heard good things from those who have followed along ;) Let me know if you do take a look! xoxo