Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Day In The Life

Today's #blogtember challenge was to take a photo every hour of the day today and share it in a post... Well, I didn't take a photo every single hour. But I did take lots of photos to show all the things I've been up to today! I should do this at least once a month because, man! I got stuff done! It was great motivation to get up off the couch and make things happen because you can only post so many photos from the same place before it becomes a little worrisome haha! Let's take a look at my day, shall we?

Breakfast at 10:28 am. German pancakes per Parker's request!
Clean the kitchen at 11:03 am. Sidenote: One of the #blogtember prompts that I've missed this week was supposed to be a home/apartment tour buttttt on that day our apartment was a mess so it just wasn't happening. Today you kind of get a little glimpse of parts of our place!

Cleaned the living room and stared at this blank wall and pillow-less couch at 11:12 am. Does anyone have any grand ideas for me for the wall? I can't decide what to do with it! And I need some pillows for this couch! HELP!

Organized this bookshelf at 11:45 am. Not sure if I love it yet. Seems a little bottom heavy to me..
Then I cleaned the office/spare bedroom/storage room for a good three hours but Parker was studying so I didn't want to bother him by snapping a bunch of photos. But let me tell you that it was quite the transformation for that room!! I felt so accomplished afterwards and Parker was super grateful to have a clean space to study!

Lunch at 3:19 pm. Tacos!

 Exercised at the gym at 4:33 pm.
Green smoothie time at 5:07 pm. So good!

After showering, it's time to blog and watch Big Brother. Then work, work, work, work, work! Then watch the BYU game! GO Cougars!
And that's all folks! It's not the most accurate representation of a real day in my life because I'm not usually this productive haha! But this was my day today, and it was really nice to feel so accomplished! 

What did you do today? 

Thanks for reading! xoxo, Chelan

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