Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Dream Come True | Part 2

The other half of this shoot was just as fun as the dance part. I love these ladies! They are my besties and I look up to them so much. Aaaaand they are all stunning. Seriously, I have such beautiful sisters, not to mention my hawt mom (that looks like a sister, too)! :) Take a look at these shots by Photography by Kels! She's magic!

My absolutely stunning sister, Matlin!
My darling baby sister, Camrie!
My beautiful Mother <3
Love this photo of these two beauties!
Here's to hoping that we daughters age as well as our mama! #amiright?

Can you believe these? I'm in awe. Truly in awe of Kelsey's talent! And will be forever grateful to have these beautiful photos of my BFFs! What a treasure! <3

xoxo, Chelan


  1. Ummmm but for real. Your Mom cant possibly be the mother to some 20+ year olds! Hottie! Dem some good genes.

    1. Right? Lol I can only hope I age as well as her!