Sunday, January 8, 2017

Whatscheyken Supper Club

Hey, y'all! Long time no blog! I took a little break from life as we spent the holidays in Canada and work was nuts before that which prevented me from blogging much. I hope you had as good a Christmas as I did, and I can assure you, mine was amazing. There is nothing as magical and happy than a Christmas in Canada surrounded by people you love most! Parker and I got to spend time with both of our families which was so great!

This Christmas my parents were determined to make the season more meaningful and we did a number of things to make it so, including giving homemade gifts to each other or an act service. Parker and I got our teeth cleaned from Bailey. Camrie cross stitched some darling Christmas decor for me. Parker helped/is helping Matlin plan a trip, made a swear jar for her (inside joke), and a cute toque with cats on it. I designed some printables and put them in a frame that I painted for Bailey. Matlin made Craig a whole pot of his very own chicken noodle soup. Craig made some cute decor for Camrie's new room. Needless to say, it was awesome, and everyone was really excited about the gifts they got AND what they gave!

We knew about this special gift exchange months in advance so we would have lots of time to make something and in addition to this, my parents had reserved an evening of our time on 12/30 so they could give us their gift of service. We were instructed to be out of the house for about 3 hours before and to arrive promptly at 6 at the front door (which is super weird because we always use the garage) dressed nicely. I did everything I could to guess what this mystery evening was but I never got it right, much to my mother's delight :P. When we arrived, there was a sign on the door that said...

My dad greeted us at the door in a CHS chefs coat. He told us we were a little late so we would have to wait a minute or two until a table was available and asked for my phone number so he could alert us when a suitable table was open.

After we were seated at our table, they brought out perfectly designed menus that included mouthwatering options. It was legitimately hard to decide what to order!

They brought out our 'Wine and Spirits' and some delicious bread. Seriously, though. I'm still dreaming about the bread!

Each course was brought out by our beautiful (and giggly) waitress. And every once in a while the chef himself would grace us with his presence to see how we were enjoying our meal (never breaking character. Who knew that Kenny was such a good actor?!!). They both helped make the meal and afterward got to enjoy some of the deliciousness themselves.

Bailey's cobb salad that was "Better than The Kegg!!"
The 'Kenny is going to NY Steak' with lemon potatoes and veggies. Mouthwatering, I tell you!
'A Taste of Brownie' topped with lactose free maple walnut ice cream so Bailey could have some dessert. My parents thought of every last detail!
'Chey's Elegant Cheesecake' was mmmmmmmmmm so good! Homemade to perfection!

It was truly an evening for the books! A classy date night at home with world class food, outstanding company, and out-of-this-world service! I love my people :).

All in favor of my parents opening a restaurant raise your hand!**insert emoji of girl raising hand here**

Thanks for reading :). xoxo, Chelan

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