Sunday, July 16, 2017


Well hey there! Parker and I just got home from 3 weeks of visiting family and it's bittersweet to be here. There is just something so nice about having a car and your own bed to come home to at night. However, I wouldn't trade the time we spent with our families for anything! It was even better than I could have dreamed and I'm feeling so grateful. So tonight, I come to you with some jumbled thoughts that I needed to get out of my head.

First, thank you to our families for having us these last 21 days. We had the time of our lives and we are so sad that it's over. I have gotten pretty good at goodbyes over the last 7 years of having to leave family over and over but something about this time just pulled at my heart strings a little bit more. I was a blubbering mess for two days and kept getting choked up along the way afterward. We went through Banff on our way to Calgary to fly home and as we were leaving the mountains, I couldn't help but get a little teary. I'm not very outdoorsy but those Rockies sure feel like home to me.

Second, Parker starts his 3rd year of medical school tomorrow. Can you believe that?!!! It's going so fast! I go back to work after having 3 weeks off and it feels like the perfect fresh start. We got home at a decent hour so I cleaned and unpacked (on the same day as arriving home, what what?!) and I feel ready to take on this new year. Even though the summer is far from over and I am not the one going to school tomorrow, tonight does feel somewhat like the night before the first day of school for me, too. The anticipation and dread but also excitement are real.

Third, I'm feeling grateful. I'm such a baby lately and have tears as I write this but life is so great and I can't help but feel so much gratitude right now. Family time was amazing. Being in the sun almost every day for 3 weeks straight was just what I needed. We spent a lot of time outdoors (which I usually don't love) but I couldn't help but notice God's hand in my life as I was surrounded by His awe-inspiring creations. I'm feeling refreshed, inspired, and hopeful for what this new year will bring. We are so blessed and God is good.

Thanks for reading! More details, photos, and a video of our trip(s) to come!

Happy Sunday y'all!
xoxo, Chelan

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