Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lululemon Obsessed

Let's chat Lululemon, shall we? I wouldn't say that I'm much of a brand snob. You know those people who have to have the brand name clothing/products and they won't buy anything else? I'm not that way... except with Lululemon. I am most definitely a Lulu snob. In high school, Lululemon became all the rage. I got my first pair in grade 10 and I've really never looked back. I still have that pair, by the way, and they are in perfect condition even after all these years! Let me tell you why I love Lululemon Athletica so much.

+ Comfort. Lululemon Athletica has some of the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn. Their leggings are the best ever. Hands down. Period. The end. The Align Pants are my absolute favorite and I want them in every color! The Aligns are made with their nulu fabric which is meant to give you basically a naked feeling and it does the job. You feel like you're wearing nothing and it's the best.

+ Style. Lululemon has so many different styles to choose from and they are all so chic. It definitely makes it hard to decide what to get. But just take comfort in the fact that whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. I obviously recommend the Align Pants but I have also tried a few other styles, all of which are awesome. You really can't go wrong.

+ Their customer service is top notch! I just spoke with a representative this morning about my size not being available in the color I want for my next pair of Align Pants and she was so nice and helpful! Having worked in customer service for a while now myself, this is always super important to me. I love companies that take care of their customers!

+ You'll look good. Let's face it. Lululemon Athletica makes you look good. The Align Pants (can you tell I love them? haha) hug you in all the right places. They are high waisted so they don't cut into my muffin top. The seams are small and don't cut into my skin (does anyone else have this problem??). They smooth everything out and make you look toned. It's magical! They just make you look good, plain and simple. Boys, get your gals some Lululemon and it'll be a win win for everyone! ;)

+ The longevity. Lulus last forever. Like I said at the beginning of this post. I got my first pair 9 years ago and I've worn them roughly 468 times (at least once a week for 9 years but I know that when I first got them and in college I work them more like twice a week if not more often lol). They still look great. They hold their shape. They make my booty look fabulous. What more could a girl ask for?!

+ Cost. The only 'downside' for a lot of people would be the price. But having something last so long and look so good after so much activity, it only makes sense that such a high-quality product would cost as much as they do. The Align Pants are $98 and are well worth every penny!

+ Confidence. Being a dance teacher and a dancer, it's really important for me to feel comfortable and confident in my dancewear. Lululemon does that for me! I feel cute, confident, and strong when I'm wearing my Lulus and I know that they'll give me the support I need either at the gym, chasing kiddos around a studio, doing ballet, travelling, headed to the grocery store, on a run, or whatever I may have on the schedule on any given day.

So go get some Lululemon Athletica because you deserve to look amazing whether you're hitting the gym or hanging out on the couch!

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xoxo, Chelan


  1. These are so cute and look v comfy!
    Courtney ||

    1. They are seriously the comfiest article of clothing I've ever worn and bonus points for being so cute! You should try em! Thanks for reading!

  2. Haha! I love your recommendation to the boys! I might try these out I've been wanting some good leggings but everything I try is too thin and you can start to see through it after awhile or it cuts into me like you said! So I might give these a try!

    1. They are the BEST, Dani! You won't be disappointed! And I hate it when seams cut into my legs. If you buy them, let me know which color you choose!