Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday with My Sister's Closet Boutique

I hope you have all had the best Thanksgiving weekend ever! One full of lots of food, family, and relaxation. And shopping of course. I am really, really excited to share this post today because it's the first time that a shop has reached out to me about sharing a product. And not just any shop. My Sister's Closet Boutique!!! So exciting! So in honor of working with them for the first time, I am pumped to tell you about their amazing Cyber Monday sale that starts at midnight MST tonight! You'll want to be prepared for this, you guys.

They are doing buy two get one free for all of their dresses. WHAT?! And on top of that, each purchase will get a free gift! How incredible is that? I already have my eye on a few dresses because they have the most darling selection. And here is a link to share all the details about their Black Friday weekend sales along with some fabulous tips and tricks to ensure you get the goods you want and deserve! Happy Christmas shopping!

Here's one of their dresses that I had my eye on for a long time and finally got my hands on!

I love the fit. I love the length. I love the pockets. I love the stripes. I love the style. I love the fabric. I love this dress. Perfect for any time of the year. Pair it with some red lipstick and red heels for your festive Christmas dress this year! It's just plain perfect.

Phone case from CaseApp!

Dress: My Sister's Closet Boutique
Shoes: Old

Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

xoxo, Chelan

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Holidays at the Hollingsworths

Can you tell I love Christmas? It just brings me so much joy and I love that people are happier and nicer and it's just magical. Also, the countdown until we see our families is on!!! I should make a paper chain... ;).

I just wanted to share a little bit of our Christmas decor because it makes me happy and our tree is beautiful if I do say so myself!

First, go play the Peaceful Christmas Piano playlist on Spotify while you scroll. That link is direct to the playlist for your convenience!

I'm dying over how beautiful THIS tree is! 

Thank goodness for reusable wedding decor, right? That knitting right there is my amazing Nana's handiwork!
Shout out to Camrie for making these for me for Christmas last year! So cute!!!

Ok, ok, I'll stop now! haha Come visit me and we'll watch a Christmas movie while we eat Christmas Crack and drink hot chocolate!

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Chelan

Saturday, November 11, 2017


It's the moooost wooondeerfuul tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear! But really. The most beautiful and magical time is upon us and I am so excited about it! I've already started using Christmas music in my dance classes and our tree is decorated as of tonight. Yay! I've busted out the Christmas movies and can't wait to watch the several new Halmark Christmas movies that are coming out this year. While we are on the topic, my favorite Christmas movie is The Holiday (I watch it any time of the year though). The music/score in that movie just speaks to my soul. SO GOOD! What's your favorite Christmas movie? I want to watch them all this year so send me your recommendations. I've also created this fun little survey because I think its so fun to hear about how other people celebrate the holidays!

There's a blank copy of this survey below so copy and paste it into the comments with your own answers!!! It would make my day!

Favorite Christmas movie: The Holiday
Favorite Christmas tradition(s): Pajamas on Christmas eve, fudge when setting up the Christmas tree, doing a Christmas puzzle with my sisters, and church on Christmas Sunday.
Favorite Christmas treat: Christmas Crack.
Favorite Christmas song: I have too many but I love Mary Did You Know by Donny Osmond.
Favorite Christmas memory: just all of them. They are the happiest times!
Favorite gift you've ever received: Parker surprised me with a cruise one year. That was pretty dang good! And I cried when he surprised me with my camera last year. He's the best gift giver and I'm the worst!
Favorite gift you've ever given: I love any gift that makes my mom cry hahah. Then I know I got her something good!
What you are most excited about this year: Family time with both of our families! Perks of having them live so close to each other now!
Send me the link for your favorite Christmas pin: Here's mine!

How stinkin' cute are those stools? Can't wait to own a house someday so I can deck alllll the halls.

If you follow me on Pinterest you are probably annoyed with the amount of Christmas pins I've pinned recently but #sorrynotsorry. So that's all that this post is. Just sharing one of my favorite Pinterest boards and spreading some holiday cheer.

xoxo, Chelan

Favorite Christmas movie:
Favorite Christmas tradition:
Favorite Christmas treat:
Favorite Christmas song:
Favorite Christmas memory:
Favorite gift you've ever received:
Favorite gift you've ever given:
What you are most excited about this year:
Send me the link for your favorite Christmas pin!