Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Check In

Hey everybody! It's Friday afternoon, Parker is having a nap on the couch and I'm trying to be super quiet so I don't wake him. He's had two really, really early mornings and has been so busy the last few days that I think a nap is totally warranted. So I'm just trying to find something to fill the time during his nap that won't wake him up and is semi-productive. Why not write and share a blog post?!

I figured I'd do a little check in on how my 2018 goals are going so far! I know we are only a couple of weeks into January but it's never a bad time to see what's going on and where I can do better, right?

I chose a word for the year, as I've seen SO many people do this year and my word is consistent. Whether that be I'm more consistently organized, consistently being productive and efficient, consistently keeping caught up on laundry or even my favorite tv shows (balance, right?!). However that may look on any given day. You can read more about my quick 2017 year in review and see some of the words I was considering using as my theme for 2018 here.

Alrighty, lets check in!

+ Diet. This year I'm trying to be more intentional with how I take care of my body. Parker and my family have been into it, too, which makes it a lot easier. I complain pretty consistently about it lol but I know it'll be worth it. I'm not 'dieting' per se, but I am being really conscious of the things I put into my body. Trying to think of food as being fuel rather than a social activity or a reward is HARD! I just meal planned some low-carb meals for this coming week and when Parker wakes up we are going to brave the winter storm to go get groceries. If you have any low-carb snacks or easy meals (lunches specifically is what I'm lacking on right now) send them my way! We aren't avoiding carbs completely, just trying to eat less of them. RIP my favorite food: potatoes. May you always be remembered with fondness and happy times.

+ Exercise: I've only exercised once this year. Whoops! I'm still sore from my PiYo class on Tuesday so that's good! I've been teaching dance a little bit but I'd love to get my gym membership reactivated so I can start going and lifting some weights! I miss going to the gym!

+ Reading. I want to read at least one book a month this year. I used to read so much and I really made it a priority. I miss that! I set aside some specific time this week and it was really nice to just relax with a good book. If you have any recommendations for books I should have on my list this year, send them my way! I'm open to lots of different genres but would love to try something in the 'self-help' genre at least once this year, maybe? Usually, I stick to my romance, historical fiction, and YA books. I'm hoping to get back to posting my 'Currently Reading' posts every so often, too!

+ Blogging. I set a goal to blog more this year. I'm thinking at least once a week but this week I'm already at two posts. Go me! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog, you guys. It makes me really happy to see that a few people read these posts that I pour my heart into. I don't blog to someday be semi-famous or for monetary purposes (although, I wouldn't complain about either of those things if they were to happen at some point) and I try not to put too much stock into how many page views each blog post gets but just know that when you read, comment, and share my posts it really does mean so much to me! You just make my entire day every time you take the time to visit this here site, so THANK YOU!

+ Plann(er)ing! I got a cute new 365 Happy Planner for Christmas this year and I've been really diligent about using it. I also got some adorable stickers to put in it! Here's a peek at this current week so far :). Don't the stickers make it so fun?!

What are your goals this year? Have you been sticking to them? If not, it's never too late to start. You've got this!

xoxo, Chelan

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