Wednesday, February 14, 2018

14 Days of Love: Day 14 | Parker David

I saved the best for last especially since it's our 4 year wedding anniversary today but just before I get talking about how much I love my husband, Parker, I have to give an honorable mention shout out to potatoes. I was intending to write an entire post on my love of potatoes but somehow other things just kept coming up but I knew I couldn't go through 14 days of things I love without mentioning potatoes. I love potatoes. They are my favorite food - in all the different forms. Fries, chips, mashed, funeral, cheesy, baked, scalloped, you name it. My mouth is watering. I just thought you should know that I love potatoes.

Now that that's out of the way, I love my husband Parker. He is the thing that makes me the happiest in life. You can read Our Love Story here if you haven't already! It's my favorite and I think it's so important to document the big and little moments that led to us falling in love so we have that to look back on when we are old and our memories are failing us and also for our children to read about. I haven't finished writing it all out so you can expect more installations of our story to be written soon!

Let me tell you about this stellar husband of mine. He is funny. He is thoughtful. He is talented. He is driven and ambitious. He is the hardest worker I know (I feel like lots of people say this about their significant other but, no, Parker works harder lol I'm confident in that and feisty about it). He is attentive. He is generous. He is kind. He is athletic. He is focused. He is oh so smart. He is handsome. He is adventurous. He has succeeded in pretty much everything he's ever set his mind to. He is pretty close to perfect. He is my better half and pushes me to become a better person every single day. I'm pretty dang lucky and blessed to have him in my life and I'm getting really emotional writing this so I should probably stop while I can still see the screen...

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last 4 years of marriage :).
White coat ceremony for Medical School. September 2015.
Crabbing on our Bald Head Island Vacation! August 2014.
Parker got flowers for me after one of my dance performances shortly after we were married! One of the few photos we have from our very first apartment! March 2014.
 Christmas 2015 in Canada!
 At the M83 concert in Vegas. Best concert ever!!! Spring break 2016.
At the Columbus Zoo the summer of 2016.
Bald Head Island family pictures. Summer of 2014.
Cancun for Thanksgiving in 2016!
Christmas break 2016 in Canada supporting the Cardston Cougars at the Sugarbowl! Christmas 2016.
Florida trip in the spring break of 2016!
Bears Hump kisses in Waterton, Alberta! Summer of 2017.
Caribbean Sailing trip just this last October/November 2017!
 BYU Graduation! Spring of 2015.
Visiting the Pitons in Saint Lucia Titanic style. November 2017 on our sailing trip!
 We were really excited to graduate from BYU and this picture cracks me up with Parker's pencil jump! Spring of 2015.
Caribbean Cruise during the spring of 2015. This is at the beach on St. Maarten!
And this beautiful, amazing, perfect day 4 years ago when we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Cardston, Alberta Temple. Married life is just the freaking best, guys. February 14, 2014.

Thank you for loving me, for laughing at my jokes, and for making me so incredibly happy, Parker David. Happy anniversary! I love you!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone else! To read about the other things I love, click HERE!

xoxo, Chelan

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