Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hard yes and hard no trends!

I've read a few posts from friends and fellow bloggers about what trends they are loving and hating right now and I always find them so interesting so I thought it would be fun to do a post like that of my own!

Trends that I'm saying a hard NO to:

+ Cold shoulder tops. I am not a fan. I hate it when I'm shopping and I reach for the cutest fabric/pattern on the rack and oh, there are no shoulders... No thanks.

Image via Pinterest

+ Velvet. The feeling of velvet gives me the chills. I hate touching it more than just about anything. Even just thinking about touching it creeps me out. HARD NO! I can hardly even look at this picture without my skin crawling...
Image via Pinterest

+ Pistachio nails or stiletto nails. I know, I know.. pistachio nails aren't really a thing but the picture below is hilarious so that's what I'm calling them. This trend kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies. How do people function with nails that go well past their fingers? 
Image via Pinterest

Trends I am loving right now:

+ Wide-legged pants or culottes! I'm not quite sure how to style these, thank goodness we have Pinterest, right? And I feel like you have to have just the right outfit and fit for these to work so I'm searching for the perfect pair! They look so comfy and cute and classy and perfect for Spring and Summer!
+ Statement earrings! I think this is such a fun way to bring some color and pizazz into an outfit! Besides my wedding ring, earrings are my favorite piece of jewelry. I'm trying to venture out from my standard pearl earrings that I wear almost every day.

+ Neck/hair scarves. These little accents are so stinkin' cute. I love people's creativity with scarves now with adding them to top knots, braids, wearing them as headbands, shoelaces, bracelets, belts, and around the neck. It is such a cute accessory! 
Image via Pinterest

Are we on the same page with these trends? What trends are you loving and hating?

xoxo, Chelan


  1. OK, I agree with you on ALL those nos. There are so many great tops out there that I get excited about until I realize they're shoulderless. UGHHHH. And I think we've discussed before our mutual disdain for velvet. That pic gives me goosebumps!