Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Currently Reading: Road to Rosewood by Ashtyn Newbold

Y'all know I love a good romance novel. And I am a complete sucker for stories about childhood friends realizing that they are meant for each other and growing up to fall madly in love. Queue Taylor Swift's Mary's Song (Oh My My) . Sigh. I find it so incredibly romantic so I was really excited that that was part of the plot in Ashtyn Newbold's latest book Road to Rosewood. I've read each of her novels as they've come out and I've loved them all - this last one in particular because the heroines from the other books were included in the story which was such a fun surprise! I loved revisiting some of my favorite characters and seeing what they were up to!

Here's the synopsis from Goodreads:

Lucy Abbot longs to return to the country estate where she spent the best days of her childhood with her cousins and their charming neighbor Nicholas. Her protective parents, however, have other plans for her. When she finally dares to escape, her carriage is besieged by highwaymen with a familiar man leading them. Could this mysterious outlaw be exactly the person Lucy has been searching for?
You'll just have to read it to find out how good it is for yourself! I loved the characters, I loved the story, I loved the adventure, I loved the secrets and mystery that kept me intrigued until the very end, I loved the flashbacks to when they were children, and I loved the love. I also love the alliteration for all of her book titles. Is that weird? haha, It just makes me happy! I received this ebook for free in exchange for my honest review.

What have you been reading lately? Anything you think I should try? 

xoxo, Chelan

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