Thursday, May 31, 2018

How We Wore It | Floral & My Favorite Places to Buy Swimsuits!

Man, this post was a struggle for me. I feel like I've worn/featured most of my floral clothing on my blog already and I'm feeling less than inspired by my closet at the moment. Do you have those moments, too, where you are trying to get dressed in the morning and you stare at your overly full closet and think to yourself "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" Does this happen to you? Because it's been happening to me a lot lately. I'm bored of my clothes. Sometimes I would love to just swap everything out and do a complete overhaul but alas. The bank account just won't allow for that.....

So I went a bit outside the box this month and decided to feature a swimsuit. Say whaaat? I will admit that it was super awkward taking photos of myself in a swimsuit. Like really, really awkward.

But we are wearing floral for our How We Wore It post for May and not only is floral totally in for regular clothing right now but floral is definitely in for swimwear. I figured now would be a great time to share my swimsuit buying hacks because I pride myself on finding the cutest suits of the season every year and for cheap! Be sure to also check out my friend's posts sharing their floral fashion finds - their links are at the bottom of this post!

My favorite places to find cute swimsuits are:

Amazon. You know those seemingly risky shops that have ads popping up all over the place like Cupshe and Romwe? They sell the exact same swimsuits from those places on Amazon which seems a bit more trustworthy and you know that Amazon has a good return policy. Click here to check them out! This is where I got the suit below in this post as well as this suit! They're both great quality and fit well! Be sure to check out the reviews to hear how the sizing is because it's usually a bit different than usual. I also have and LOVE this one! They're all knockoffs of other places for only a fraction of the price. I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars on a swimsuit no matter how cute it is.

JC Penney. We've shopped for swimsuits at JC Penney for years for the girls in my fam. That's wear I got most of my swimwear growing up and it's still one of the first places I look ever year. You kind of have to sift through to find the cute ones because they are mixed in with the grandma-esque ones but you can definitely find a gem here and there! I really like this top, this top, and this one piece!

Asos. They have the most unique clothing and swimsuits there! I love that I can tailor my search to fit my body (shout out to my small busted friends!) and my price range (well below $100 bc med school). Loooove this one!

Honorable mention to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Target for also having cute swimwear year after year! I've also heard that Walmart has been stepping up their game lately so that may be worth your while, too!

LOLING at this picture!
Told ya I was loling. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy. 
This is the BEST time of year. Hallelujah for summer and sunshine!

My lovely friends killed it, per usual. Check out their posts via the links below!

Happy swimsuit shopping and floral wearing! 

xoxo, Chelan

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