Monday, September 10, 2018

Currently Reading: The Visions of Ransom Lake by Marcia Lynn McClure

Happy Monday, everyone! I swear my social media feeds were blowing up this weekend with posts about how everywhere in this country had dropped in temperature and that it was feeling like fall for the first time this year. And it happened here, too. It was foggy and raining all weekend long and the fog still hasn't lifted. It's kind of eery to be honest. But it made for the perfect weekend to curl up with one of my all-time favorite books that actually puts me in the mood for fall.

I'm a re-reader of books. I have a terrible memory so even if I've read a book once or twice or even five times, I can still read it again and fall completely in love with it all over again. I forget the little details that make it so exciting when the heroine and her oh so handsome love interest fall in love. Their dreamy little tryst in an abandoned house during a snowstorm where they can't possibly make it back to safety or propriety alive so they have to wait it out in each other's arms to keep warm (while doing nothing further than impassioned kissing, of course. I like my novels clean ;)). The super frustrating parts where you know they belong together but one or both characters are being utterly and completely stubborn and not professing their love. This particular book is one of those I've-read-it-so-many-times-I've-lost-count books yet it still makes me giddy every time I read it. Every. Single. Time. 

I give you The Visions of Ransom Lake by Marcia Lynn McClure. She's been my favorite author since I was introduced to her novels in junior high as I mentioned in this post. Marcia's favorite season is fall and she does an incredible job of making it actually seem like a desirable season (I'm a summer girl, as you all know) and it truly does help me get in the mood for fall every year.

Please note... the cover is different now. This was the cover when I originally read this book for the first time so I have a special place in my heart for it <3. 

If you need a good fall romance novel with relatable, humorous, darling characters that will make you fall in love with them, their love story, and love in general, be sure to check this one out! It'll have you wearing flannels and scarves, sparkin' with your lover on the front porch, and baking pumpkin cookies in no time!

xoxo, Chelan

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