Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Homeless in a Hurricane

As you probably have all heard by now, hurricane Florence is making its way to the Carolinas. Parker and I are currently in North Carolina while he's doing a rotation at UNC in Chapel Hill. At first, we didn't really think it was a big deal because we are about 3 hours from the coast and we heard that the most we had to worry about was lots of wind and rain with possible power outages here and there. The bigger the hurricane became the more frantic people around us became and the longer the lines at the grocery stores and gas stations became. The first moment I realized that this may be a bigger deal than I originally thought was when I was at Walmart and people were going nuts. There was no water available and the shelves were super picked over. So many people scrambling to prepare for the worst.

Last night we got an email from Airbnb saying that our itinerary for our current reservation had changed. We were being refunded for the rest of our stay and our new check out date/time was the next morning at 11 am. Not even 24 hours notice. We are literally homeless in a hurricane.

This morning after dropping Parker off at the hospital, I packed up all of our belongings and loaded the car. The girl we were staying with didn't say anything to us about any of this. She and I were in the same room for much of the morning while I was getting ready to go and she didn't even acknowledge my existence. The way it's been handled has been so unprofessional. I may or may not have closed the door a little forcefully on my way out.... whoops?

With nowhere to go today, I'm spending my time at the local library where I can blog, watch some shows, read, and apply to some more jobs (because the job search never ends...). We are hopeful that Parker will be able to get the rest of the week off as the rest of the students do so we can flee to the safety of Ohio to stay with family. Luckily, we have lined up a place to stay next week for the rest of this rotation and then we can move on to the next one. Hopefully, this new place doesn't flood or get blown away in the storm!
I wanted to share a few more of the details here just so I can get this all written out. It's been a pretty crazy few days and I'm sure we'll laugh about this someday down the road. I kind of already am because I'm so shocked! But we appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers! If you are in the Carolinas or Virginia, stay safe <3.

xoxo, Chelan


  1. That's so crummy that she canceled it WITHOUT SAYING A WORD TO YOU. Who does that?! Hope you guys can get to Ohio ASAP & stay safe...

    1. Right? It was bizarre! We made it safe and sound <3.