Monday, February 11, 2019

14 Days of Love: Day 11 | My Friends & Marco Polo

Last year my friends and I "reconnected" over the app Marco Polo (it's like a walkie talkie app but with video rather than just audio). When I say reconnected I mean that we would talk a few times every year via group texts, sometimes send each other funny things on Facebook, and about once a year we would have a group Skype session. Ever since we all joined Marco Polo we have talked almost every single day. And it's a highlight of my day every single day. And as a result of these chats, we even got to get together twice last year!

I casually mentioned one day that Parker and I would be spending some time in Charleston and that my friends should come to visit and the next thing I know, Tessa responded by saying her husband thought she should go and she started looking at flights. From there, Breanne and Jordan also talked with their spouses to see if they could make it work and the stars aligned and everyone was able to come. We had such a blast! Rather than recap our trip (I'll save that for another post along with a video) I'm just going to quickly share some things I love about each of these special friends of mine.

Breanne aka Breezie. We've known each other our entire lives. Literally. Our dads were besties in high school and coached basketball together when we were kids (they still coach together even now). Breezie is one of the few people who understands my love of my childhood because hers was much the same - traveling around with the basketball team, believing that the 'stats girls' were our best friends, and collecting the stars that the dance team wore and putting them by our eyes at basketball games. Every Friday night during basketball season after the games we would beg our parents to let us have a sleepover. These sleepovers consisted of us watching Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version of course), making up dances to the soundtrack of Parent Trap (#8 was the BEST and its still one of the best soundtracks of all time), and eating cinnamon toast in the morning with the grossest mountain of brown sugar we could build. Great times. I love Breezie because even though we went through some periods of time in our lives where we weren't super close, I can always, always, always pick up where I left off with her. It's like we revert to our childhood selves and laugh until we cry. She is so wise and smart and such a good listener with the best advice!

Tessa. Tessa and I became best friends in grade 6. We were in the same class and had been dancing together for years and I think that's about when we did our first tap duo (which we did every year after that). We lived together for a time in college and she pretty much brought Parker and me together <3. She brings out my silliest self and makes me feel like I'm super funny which I love. She and I also revert to our immature selves when we get together (sorry to everyone who had to be around us during our tap company rehearsals at BYU lol we could not be trusted to take anything seriously). Tessa is also such a great listener, she's creative, quirky, and so, so funny!

Jordan. Jordan moved to Cardston the summer before grade 10 and I'm so glad she did. I wasn't her biggest fan at first (don't worry, she knows this) because I was jealous. Another dancer moving to town to steal my spotlight? lol But I'm so glad we got to know each other because my life has been better every day since. Jordan is a ray of bubbly sunshine. She never has an unkind word to say about anyone. She gives the most genuine compliments that make you feel like a hundred bucks. And she's the most self-aware person I know. I aspire to be more like her!

I'm so grateful the 'dark ages' are over (what we call our time without Marco Polo) and that I get to learn from and connect with these amazing women every day. I'm so grateful to have such good friends!

xoxo, Chelan

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