Monday, February 4, 2019

14 Days of Love: Day 4 | The Color Blue

When coming up with something to share for Day 4 of the #14daysoflove series, I thought about the color pink which has been catching my eye a lot recently. But then I felt like blogging about the color pink was a betrayal of my actual favorite color which is blue. So I'm sharing my love of the color blue today.

I'm not sure what it is about it. Maybe because it's a calming color. My mom's favorite color is blue. My dad has blue eyes and I inherited those baby blues. I love the sun and a bright blue sky. Pools and the ocean are usually blue and we all know that's my happy place. My family was very involved in Cardston athletics and schools and blue and white were our school colors. BYU's colors were also blue and white. I bleed blue. My childhood home was blue and white. My wedding colors were red, white, and you guessed it, blue. It's probably a combination of all of these things and more that make it my favorite color but it makes me happy. If I had to choose a favorite blue it would be navy. It's so classic!

And that's about all I can really say about my favorite color so here's a photo of my favorite blue shoes lol. 

Queue 'I'm Blue' by Eiffel 65. What's your favorite color? 

xoxo, Chelan

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