Monday, September 2, 2019

Girls Weekend in Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina was my favorite rotation that Parker did! We FINALLY had space to ourselves and it was the cutest condo! The views were incredible. We didn't have to eat fast food for every meal. Charleston is the most darling city! We were a 10-minute walk from the beach. The weather was beautiful. We loved the ward we went to that month. And we had SO MANY FUN VISITORS! I've realized that I feel very, very loved when people make an effort to come to spend time with Parker and me.

The video to accompany this post was one of the videos that I was most excited to make because it's all about my girls weekend with my best friends. I shared a little bit about how we reconnected along with some photos from that trip here but I'm pumped to finally have the video done so I can do a recap post of our time together in Charleston!

Tessa arrived first on Tuesday, then Breanne on Wednesday, and Jordan joined us on Thursday and they were all there until Sunday. Some things we did while we were together included:

+ Beach time at Folly Beach

+ Got dessert at Kaminsky's

+ Visited the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

+ A Ghost Tour around downtown Charleston

+ Shopped at the Tanger Outlets

+ Ate some good ole southern BBQ

+ Walked along the waterfront and sat on the swings

+ Saw the famous pineapple fountain

+ Shopped at the Historic Charleston City Market

+ Saw the Angel Oak

+ Visited 'Rainbow Row'

+ Watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

+ Got matching shirts in Folly Beach

+ Took thousands of photos

+ Saw the Holiday Festival of Lights (it was AMAZEBALLS! If you're ever in Charleston during the holidays, this is an absolute must-do! Parker and I were blown away and wanted to go again but didn't get to before we left). I didn't get any photos of this so be sure to watch the video to see a glimpse of the magic that it was!

The four of us danced & cheered together in high school which is when we really bonded. One night we had a sleepover at the dance studio where we made our own pair of pants like in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. These pants are some of the most hideous things you've ever seen and I don't think any of us would be caught dead in them now but we've passed them around here and there like the girls in the movie do. We had a ceremony where we created rules for the pants and watched the movie so it only made sense to watch the movie when we were reunited again. We had all forgotten one crazy coincidental detail though... THE MOVIE ENDS WITH THE 4 FRIENDS IN CHARLESTON, SC! Can you believe that?!! haha, it was serendipitous.

four girl friends smiling in Charleston, SC

A colorful house on Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC
Couple in front of the Angel Oak in Charleston, South Carolina
Parker was so good to help out with planning, cooking, hanging out with all of us and also giving us girl time! He put up with a lot of crazy 'remember when' stories and so much giggling!

Friends at the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC
Girl friends on a swing by the water in Charleston, South Carolina
Four friends at Folly Beach in South Carolina
Colorful buildings on rainbow row in Charleston, SC
On our last night in our matching shirts about to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants :).

Writing this post and making this video have me dying to get together again sometime soon. Time to start planning our next girls trip! If you have any recommendations for places we should try to visit, let us know!

xoxo, Chelan 

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