Thursday, September 10, 2020

Baby Hollingsworth | Sharing the News with Family and Friends

Telling our families literally consumed my thoughts for the 2.5 months leading up to it. I truly thought of little else. I'm sure Parker got tired of listening to my bazillion different ideas and hearing, "I can't wait to tell our families!!!" about 1000x a day haha! I was just so excited that we finally got to share our secret and experience something I'd been envisioning for so long!

This ^ was what we gave to our families as Christmas presents and to share the happy news!

Our Christmas travel plans were pretty wonky last year with my family spending some time in Utah before Christmas, Parker's family being in Montana, and then my family going back to Canada but we were luckily able to see almost everyone! The adventure started out with us flying into Utah to spend a couple of days with my family there. We knew we wouldn't be able to wait to share the news so we planned to tell my family as soon as we arrived even though it was after midnight. When we got to my aunt and uncle's house, I told my parents that I had a gift from Parker's parents for the family and that I thought it was something that needed to be used in the US like a gift card so they should open it then. My mom took the envelope and started to walk away as she opened it so I followed her and so did Parker with the camera. I didn't realize until after I'd already given it to her that my dad wasn't behind me like I thought he was but he came around the corner just in time to see my mom drop the card and hug me while crying (as seen in the video). Parker then handed the card to my dad and there were hugs all around. My parents insisted on waking my sisters up "just to see us" but they really wanted us to share the news with them, too, which we were super excited to do! My dad woke them up by saying that we were there and we had a Christmas present for them and I think they both knew because they both started tearing up even before we showed them the card we had given to my parents. After all the excitement, we finally all went to bed, eagerly anticipating telling my grandparents and extended family the next day.

The following morning I went to a High Fitness class with my mom, sisters, aunt, and cousins. While we were getting signed in, my aunt pointed out an ad on the wall that mentioned that the studio could be rented for family classes and the proceeds would go to locals dealing with infertility. I took that as my cue and let my aunt and cousins know that I was pregnant and their reaction was so fun! haha My aunt screamed and cried right there in public and gave me the biggest hug. My cousins were also really excited for us! On the car ride home, we discussed the best way to share the news with my grandparents and everyone was in on the surprise now so that made it extra fun!

We were all gathered around talking about what we should do that day and I went over to my Nana and Pumpa with their card and said that it was a Christmas present from Parker and me and that they should open it then since we wouldn't be together on Christmas Day. Nana opened it and reacted exactly how we predicted she would and Pumpa cheered! We shared our story with everyone and it was a really tender experience.

Next up, we got to tell Parker's family! We road-tripped to Montana with Parker's sister, Bailey, and her boyfriend, Stephen. I didn't know how I was going to keep our secret that long while squished in the car but lucky for us, we made an unexpected pit stop at Parker's brother's house so we decided to share the news with them since we got to see them in person! While Parker was holding our nephew Willow (who we got to meet for the first time that day) he said, "Speaking of babies, Chelan is pregnant!" haha, Again, everyone was so excited for us and Bailey kept saying, "Are you serious?" like Parker can't be trusted LOL! We were so glad we got to stop by and see them to share our news in person. It was also nice to have Bailey and Stephen in on the secret the rest of the drive and while we were in Montana for a few days before Christmas.

Our initial plan was to wait until Christmas morning to give Parker's parents their card but Christmas Eve came around and we were tired of waiting. When everyone sat down for dinner on Christmas Eve, I handed Parker's mom the card and said that it was a gift from my family to be used during the Christmas Eve festivities so they should open it then. I was not expecting the reaction we got from Parker's parents but Daphne immediately started crying and got up to hug me which made me cry. Everyone else was so confused as they hadn't seen the contents of the envelope and they were all wondering what the heck my parents had given them that made Daphne react that way haha! Derek then took the card and opened it and started crying, too, and then everyone else caught on and there were lots more tears and congratulations and hugs. It was very, very emotional and that lasted for a lot of the evening which again, I didn't anticipate at all. Since we ended up spontaneously giving them the card when we did, I didn't have a chance to get Bailey or Stephen to record the reaction which I totally regret now but it was also soooo special that I'm kind of glad it only exists in our minds and my journal. We talked a lot that night about God's plan for us and how everything had worked out the way that it did which I think was really fitting for the Christmas season.

We ventured up to Cardston a couple of days later and got to share the news with my brother and his wife and their kids. I'd promised my nephew, Max, that I would bring him a Christmas present so when we arrived I made sure that was the first thing we did. I handed him his present which was a book and he opened it and we read it together and then I said, "We have another present for you, Max, but it's to going to be here for a little while... it'll be here closer to your birthday. You're getting a cousin!" Bailey started screaming and I didn't see Craig's reaction because he was behind me but my mom said that he got choked up. Max was so concerned that his mom was screaming and kept saying, "Stop screaming, Mommy!" haha! Craig and Bailey were really excited to be an aunt and uncle and for their kids to finally have a cousin! 

My McMurray grandparents were next on the list of people to tell. They are hard of hearing so it was a little anticlimactic but I know they are excited for us! haha

We also got to tell Parker's grandparents that live in Cardston and their reaction was really fun, too! They had the whole family there for dinner and we couldn't get John and Sharlene to be in the same place together for longer than two seconds at a time because they were constantly fussing over their guests, as they do when they host. Finally, we cornered them into a game of cards and gave them the envelope. They were both thrilled with our announcement and there were more tears and hugs.

Telling my best friends, Tessa, Breanne, and Jordan was another highlight for me. They knew about what we had gone through and had been so supportive and kind every time I would vent and cry to them about it so I knew they would be so happy for us and I couldn't wait to tell them! Luckily, Breanne lives in Cardston, and Tessa was visiting for the holidays so I got to tell them in person and Jordan over Marco Polo. We planned a time we could get together and after we ate a delicious breakfast prepared by Breanne, we were sitting in the living room chatting when I started a Marco Polo video so we could say hi to Jordan. Then I blurted out, "I'm pregnant!" It was so fun to finally share the news with them as I talk to them every single day so keeping that secret for so long was so hard!


I know I keep saying this but we are so, so grateful to have so many people in our lives that love us and are praying and cheering for us! Needless to say, Christmas 2019 was one we will never forget!

xoxo, Chelan

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  1. Just bawling over here. Whoops! What a sweet blessing to so many people that baby is!