Hi, I'm Chelan (pronounced shell-anne). I like to think of life as an adventure. I also think that each new day presents new opportunities. And that all of these little daily experiences add up to be a beautiful life! This blog is an opportunity for me to document all of these adventures, big and small, because they all play a part in shaping me into the person that I am now and that I want to become.

One of my most favorite adventures is marriage! I married Parker Hollingsworth, the man of my dreams, on February 14, 2014 (yes, Valentine's Day) for time and all eternity in the Cardston, Alberta Temple. Some things that I love about marriage are that I have my best friend by my side at all times and that he is constantly helping me to be a better person. I still look at Parker every once in a while and say, "I can't believe we are married!" I really think that Heavenly Father is a romantic because what is more romantic than being with the person you love for FOREVER?! You can read Our Love Story here

Another experience Parker and I got to embark on together was attending BYU. It really is the Lord's university and I cannot imagine any school being a better fit for me. The four years that I spent at BYU were some of the most rewarding of my life! I grew up so much and I am so grateful for the opportunities that I was given while at BYU. I graduated with my BA in Dance in December 2014 and walked at graduation in April 2015 with Parker, who graduated with a BS in Bioinformatics.

We lived in northeast Ohio for 4 years so Parker could attend medical school! Parker went to Northeast Ohio Medical School (Neomed for short). Seriously though, if medical school isn't an adventure, I don't know what is! The whole application, interview, and acceptance process was such a learning experience along with the entire medical school ride itself (the classes, rotations/clinicals, board exams, etc.) and testimony to me that the Lord's hand is in our lives and that He has a greater plan for us than we could even imagine for ourselves!

We then moved to Boston, Massachusetts for a year where Parker was a resident at Brigham and Women's Hospital. We really enjoyed our time in New England, especially because it allowed us the chance to finally get pregnant with our daughter. You can read more about our infertility journey here!

In June of 2020, we welcomed our baby girl, Charli, into the world and she is our greatest blessing! We are smitten and obsessed and just adore her so much it hurts! You can read her birth story here

This blog is an adventure of its own! Again, its an opportunity to document the experiences that are happening at this exciting time in my life. I find other blogs to be inspiring and hope that mine can be inspiring to someone else every once in a while too! If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe so you never miss a thing. Thanks for stopping by! 

xoxo, Chelan

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