Saturday, March 5, 2011

a fraction closer to my life being complete

This blog post might be all over the place, but I'm just so excited that I need to write it now and get it off my chest. 

Who: Me... along with all the other BYU Basketball fans.
What: BYU VS. Wyoming game. 
Where: Marriott Center. One of my favorite places on earth. Row 6 I'll have you know. Right behind the Cougarettes and the cheerleaders. Ask me how I felt about this!
When: 1:30 March 5, 2011. (Got there at 10:15ish?)
Why: Because I am a fanatic when it comes to BYU Men's Basketball and I LOVE JIMMER FREDETTE!.. not to mention the rest of the team as well. They are all just so great. 

So this is what went down. Tessa May and I had tap company practice this morning at 9:00 am. kill me.. Immediately after our rehearsal we headed over to the Marriott Center to get in line. We found our friends from our ward, who were courageous enough to sleep over in a tent to get good seats. Bless their hearts for letting us hop in line with them. We waited and waited and waited. Except it wasn't so bad because we took pictures and chatted with strangers to pass the time. Then a fellow Cardstonian showed up,  Ryan Quinton. What a hoot! We waited and waited some more and soon got into building and went into the student section where they were handing out the basketball team's trading cards. I'm excited to have them! They are cool. We then rushed to get our coveted seats, which might I add were the best seats in the house. You'll find out why in a few minutes. So when we get to these seats, there are these free BYU washcloth towel thingers sitting there waiting for us. I was excited to say the least! Then I realized who was going to be sitting in front of us. Are you kidding me? Could this day get any better? The answer is yes. Much! Who woulda thunk! 
Ok, so next came the flash mob practice that I knew NOTHING about! I have ALWAYS wanted to be in a flash mob. Today was the day! For the iceberg shake it up contest, the entire student section learned a little routine and surprised the rest of the fans with it. We got a standing ovation when we performed it with 8:00 minutes left in the game. It was fabulous. I almost cried. Then the players one by one start entering the gym. They are lovely and I love to watch them haha We also got a picture with Chris Collinsworth and then another picture with the Cougarettes. Dream come true? You bet! When I get these pictures, I'll post em!

It just so happens that today was the last home game that Jimmer Fredette will ever play in. Along with the other seniors. I'm heartbroken! My time to find Jimmer and make him fall in love with me is going by way too fast. I just don't see him enough to win him over! (Sorry Dad, I really am trying!) Anyway, they introduced the seniors and had the usual AWESOME starting line up entrance thing. I love it when the lights go down and the white sheets fall and everyone is just getting so pumped up. Its great! Why can't everyone have such great school spirit? I just don't know. I've never seen such pride for a school though. I love it here! 

Then the game started. Dun Dun Dunnnnn. 

It was great. Jimmer was hittin threes, Jackson Emery was hittin threes, everyone was just playin so well! Kyle Collinsworth had a LOVELY dunk! I sit behind him in American Heritage on occasion so next time this happens imma tell him good game. Get myself noticed, ya know? 
Then came the pizza people. This person dressed as a slice of pizza picks a section of students that is cheering really loud and they go sit with them for a bit. All these students in this section get a free medium pizza! How awesome is that? Well I just happened to be a part of that section. My life is going great at this point! Also, the pizza section kids get to be on the Jumbotron! I've been dying to get on this thing all semester. Perfect! 
After winning the game, BYU 102- Wyoming 78 :) They brought out confetti cannons and it was blissful! There were little kids out on the court making confetti angels. It was super cute! Then Jimmer and the rest of the seniors addressed the fans and thanked them type of thing and it almost brought me to tears. I hate when good things come to an end. It just breaks my heart thinking about those boys being done at BYU.. but hopefully their basketball careers aren't over yet. They also let Brandon Davies come out onto the floor and cut a part of the net after the game along with all the other players. The entire crowd was on their feet cheering for him. Its too bad that things turned out the way they did for him. I'm glad they let him be a part of today though! 

The only reason my life isn't 100% complete yet is because I have not seduced Jimmer. I haven't had the chance to win him over. When that time comes, I won't disappoint :) Then my life will be complete. 


  1. haha chan. i love you. i love that your day went so great. and that your having so much fun at byu. sounds like a blast!

  2. Well people are always asking me how you are liking BYU......maybe I should direct them to this blog haha....Seriously though sis, sounds like a day to remember! LOVE YOU!!!!